Empowerment of Women Through Entrepreneurship

Edited by L Rathakrishnan, Gyan, 2008, 464 p, tables, ISBN : 812120965X, $50.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Empowerment of Women Through Entrepreneurship/edited by L. Rathakrishnan

Contents: Preface. Acknowledgements. List of contributors. I. Women empowerment: the background: 1. Women empowerment--still a pipe dream/A Ranga Reddy. 2. Status of women in India: some dimensions/D. Pulla Rao. 3. Women entrepreneurship in India: an analysis/D. Pulla Rao. 4. Women entrepreneurship in India: a gender perspective/P. Balamurugan. 5. Marginalisation in the midst of modernization--women's health empowerment/V. Basil Hans. 6. Who say women can't pro-create on their own?/L. Rathakrishnan and V.P. Sriraman. 7. A study of the status of women entrepreneurs and determinants of their empowerment in India/R. Balasubramaniyan. 8. Status of women in informal sector/D. Pulla Rao. 9. Women entrepreneurs: current trends and future avenues/Prabha Mathur. II. Self-help group: means of sustainable women entrepreneurship: 10. Self-help groups a viable alternative for sustainable development/R. Seerangarajan and A.T. Narasimhan. 11. Self-help groups and women empowerment/A. Ingarsal and A. Balakrishnan. 12. Credit support to women entrepreneurs under SGSY: a case study of Tripura/A.V. Yadappanavar. 13. Impact of micro-finance on women empowerment: a case study/K. Thiripura Sundari and Raj Santan. 14. Observations of SHGs in micro enterprise activity/M. Soundara Pandian and G. Saravanan. 15. Sustainable livelihood of women: a case study of Mangalore city in Karnataka/D.P. Angadi and Jayasheela. 16. Women entrepreneurship: issues and concerns/Yathish Kumar. III. Empowerment of women through entrepreneurship: empirical findings: 17. Empowerment of women through entrepreneurship: an empirical study/G. Vijayalakshmi and B. Prajeetha. 18. Women entrepreneurs in Jharkhand: an overview/Kiran Mishra. 19. Economics of women micro enterprises: a case study of Visakhapatnam City/B. Padma Narayan and B.V. Suryanarayan. 20. Empowerment of women entrepreneurship in Visakhapatnam City/B. Ratna Kumari, Zilani Begum and M. Anitha. 21. Capacity building of women through Tiny Industries/L. Rathakrishnan. 22. Empowerment of women through information and communication technology: barriers in developing countries//U. Arabi. 23. Enterprise among farm women in India and understanding their constraints: an exploration of NSSO's household data/Nilabja Ghosh. 24. Correlated towards emancipation of women entrepreneurship-A diagnostic study on women entrepreneurs in food processing enterprises/R. Ganesan. 25. Women participation in dairy entrepreneurship: a case study in Kurnool District of Andhra Pradesh/I. Narendra Kumar, G. Chandrasekar Rao, V.K. Reddy and V.B. Naidu. 26. Fisherwomen and entrepreneurship/Arpita Sharma. 27. The role of fisherwomen in fishing activity: a study of the fisherwomen in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh/T. Sobhasri and G. Sanjeevayya. 28. Women in informal services sector: a case study of beauticians in Visakhapatnam City/P. Tarakumari. 29. Women administrators in non-governmental organizations/Shanthi Nachiappan and B. Dharmalingam. IV. Women entrepreneurs: problems and prospects: 30. Problems faced by women entrepreneurs in Tiruchirapalli/V. Gamathi. 31. Marketing practices and constraints in women enterprises/K. Selvarani. 32. Women entrepreneurship problems--casual trends/G. Varadharajan. 33. Women entrepreneurship in India--problems and prospects/D. Pulla Rao. Index.

"Empowerment of women through entrepreneurship is a collection of 31 papers, which presents a new and fundamental way of bringing empowerment through different entrepreneurial activities. It covers broad range of entrepreneurial activities ranging from agriculture, non-agriculture manufacturing, and service sectors. The edited volume brings the fact that women are independent and significantly contribute to family and society in terms of measurable economic activities. The dynamism, innovation, self-confidence are described in this book. All facts and figures are supported by various authenticated reports and published documents. This book may act as compendium of women entrepreneurship issues and their solutions." (jacket)

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