Basics of Earth Science

D K Pandey, Anmol, 2008, viii, 296 p, tables, ISBN : 8126134878, $50.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Basics of Earth Science/D.K. Pandey

Contents: Preface. 1. Introduction. 2. The earth. 3. The atmosphere. 4. The biosphere. 5. The hydrosphere. 6. The pedosphere. 7. Weather. 8. The rock. 9. The earth system. 10. A multitude of maps. 11. Structure and motion of earth. 12. Oil spil. 13. Plate tectonics. 14. The dynamic earth. 15. Weathering, soil and erosion. 16. Ground water. 17. Earth's changing surface. 18. The water planet. 19. The sun and the solar system. 20. The moon. 21. Views of earth's past. 22. The dating methods.

"This book is intended for the student of graduate level. It provides all the basic concepts and latest information on geology. As the phenomena of evolution is on run so all the relevant fields are affected and ever changing. Further this book introduced some new concepts with the old one. Again it discusses the major problems up-coming in the near future. And also it emphasized on how to check those." (jacket)

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