A Text Book of Business Mathematics

Mohd. Shadab Khan, Anmol, 2008, viii, 532 p, ISBN : 8126135202, $40.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Text Book of Business Mathematics/Mohd. Shadab Khan

Contents: Preface. 1. Functions, limits and continuity. 2. Differentiation of functions. 3. Partial differentiation. 4. Differentiation and partial differentiation (applications). 5. Integration. 6. Definite integrals. 7. Matrices and determinants. 8. Matrices (Contd.). 9. Linear programming (Mathematical formulation and graphical method). 10. Linear programming (Simplex Algorithm and Duality). 11. Transportation and assignment problem. 12. Financial mathematics (Compound Interest and Annuity). Answers. Logarithmic and Antilogarithmic tables. Index.

"The use of mathematical techniques has been gaining vast popularity in social and biological sciences as well as in the field of commerce and management for the last two decades or so. The exactness and precision of mathematical language and methods have made it possible to explore large area of research in these subjects which remained hidden so far from the keen eyes of the researchers. Today one could say that mathematics is probably the most convenient shoulder to lean on for not only for pure sciences but subjects like commerce and economics also.

The present volume is intended as "A Text Book of Business Mathematics" keeping in view the needs of the undergraduate students of commerce and economics." (jacket)

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