Asian Diplomacy : The Foreign Ministries of China, India, Japan, Singapore, and Thailand

Kishan S Rana, Oxford University Press, 2007, xiv, 246 p, tables, ISBN : 0195694228, $31.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Asian Diplomacy : The Foreign Ministries of China, India, Japan, Singapore, and Thailand/Kishan S. Rana

Contents: Preface. Abbreviations. 1. Introduction. 2. China: reform and refinement. 3. India: opportunity and renewal. 4. Japan: the West or Asia? 5. Singapore: vulnerability into strength. 6. Thailand: serene networking. 7. Asian characteristics. 8. Comparing Asian Foreign Ministries. 9. Conclusions. Annex. Select bibliography. Index.

"Asian Diplomacy : The Foreign Ministries of China, India, Japan, Singapore, and Thailand. This study examines the geopolitical landscape and diplomatic culture of Asia's five ascending powers--China, India, Japan, Singapore and Thailand. It scrutinizes the structure and processes of their foreign ministries and the instruments through which foreign policy is implemented.

It compares the practices in the leading foreign ministries of the world and how these nations are responding to the demands of globalized democracy in contemporary times. Rana explores related issues like internationalization, subject plurality, technology, public diplomacy, and accountability and, investigates whether these have undermined the relevance of the foreign ministry or have led to a decline of the state's role in world affairs.   

Using information and data collected from more than 160 interviews in these countries, the author sheds important light on diplomacy in Asia, a region that merits close attention. He also examines the effectiveness of foreign ministries and their overseas networks; the recruitment and management of diplomatic services; recent evolution in diplomacy; training reforms; performance management; decision-making; crisis management; and style of negotiation.

The author also discusses whether the methods of diplomacy are sufficiently adapted and flexible for fully exploiting opportunities available and whether the foreign ministries carry conviction with the home publics and deliver value to them.

The book will be useful to foreign ministry personnel, diplomats and specialists in international affairs. It will also interest scholars of international relations and foreign policy, students of diplomacy, professional diplomats, journalists, and the general reader concerned with international affairs." (jacket)

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