Basics of Microbiology

Sudhansu Sekhar Bhoi, Anmol, 2008, viii, 300 p, figs, ISBN : 8126134984, $50.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Basics of Microbiology/Sudhansu Sekhar Bhoi

Contents: Preface. 1. Introduction. 2. Cell structure and organization. 3. Virology. 4. Overview of bacteriology. 5. Immunology. 6. Parasitology. 7. Mycology.

"This edition of Basics of Microbiology has been completely updated to include these exciting advances and to present the most current information available. The goals and distinguishing features of Basics of Microbiology however, remain unchanged. This book continues to be a basic text that provides an accessible introduction for undergraduate or medical students who are taking a first course on cell and microbiology. The author's principal goal has been to provide an accessible and readable book that can be approached and mastered by undergraduate students, while still being intellectually gratifying and conveying the excitement and challenges of research in contemporary microbiology.

Since Basics of Microbiology deals with one of the most rapidly progressing areas of biology, it remains critical for students not only to have the most current information available, but also to understand the experimental nature of contemporary research in Cell and molecular biology. With this goal in mind, representative experiments are discussed throughout the text to illustrate the kinds of approaches upon which our current understanding has been built. The author hopes that, together, these approaches give the student an appreciation of the ways in which progress in understanding the cell has been made, and convey the excitement and challenges of participating in this frontier of scientific exploration." (jacket)

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