Environmental Changes and Geomorphic Hazards

Edited by Surendra Singh, Leszek Starkel and Hiambok Jones Syiemlieh, Bookwell, 2008, xxviii, 388 p, tables, figs, ISBN : 8189640460, $47.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Environmental Changes and Geomorphic Hazards/edited by Surendra Singh, Leszek Starkel and Hiambok Jones Syiemlieh

Contents: Foreword. Preface. I. Environment and extreme conditions: 1. Environment and associated hazards - a summary note/Surendra Singh. 2. Environmental changes in the arctic/Zb. Zwolinski, A. Kostrzewski and G. Rachlewicz. 3. Extreme geomorphic events and human activity: lessons from selected European examples/A. Latocha. II. Mass movement and landslides: 4. Weathering, mass movement and geomorphic hazards in low latitude granite terrains/Piotr Migon. 5. Morphological characteristics along the main boundary thrust in the outer parts of Eastern Himalaya/R.C. Joshi and A.S. Rawat. 6. Denudational processes and geomorphic characteristics in the laterites of Birbhum district, West Bengal/V.C. Jha. 7. Landslide hazard evaluation and mapping using fuzzy logic in GIS environment: a case study of Kalka-Shimla Highway/Surya Kant and Gaurav Sapra. 8. Landslide hazards in the Sikkim Himalaya/Z. Husain. 9. Anthropogenic activities and intensity of landslides in Meghalaya/R.K. Rai. III. Environmental changes and seismicity: 10. Environmental changes and their possible use in earthquake prediction research for North Eastern India with special reference to its Seismo-tectonic characteristics/D. Gadkari, R.K. Sukhtankar, S.R. Jog and S.K. Guha. 11. Identifying the active fault zones in the Shillong Plateau using geophysical data/D. Walia, S.S. Sanabam, A.C. Lyngdoh, A. Saxena and S.M. Syiem. 12. Geomorphic hazards in active fault zone: Red River Fault Zone in Northern Vietnam/W. Zuchiewicz and N.Q. Cuong. 13. Early Holocene deformation in land surfaces along Imphal River in Manipur, India/Arun Kumar, Th. Dolendro and Th. Basanta. IV. Surface water and flood hazards: 14. Geomorphic hazards by rain in the mountains of Eastern India/L. Starkel and R. Soja. 15. Flood hazard in the Sub-Himalayan North Bengal, India/S. Sarkar. 16. Flood frequency analysis for the Kaljani River of the Brahmaputra system/A.K. Bora and E. Haque. 17. Geomorphic effectiveness of large Monsoon floods in the Narmada River, India/Vishwas S. Kale. 18. Modelling runoff using simple instantaneous unit hydrograph/Sushil K. Singh. 19. Assessment of soil erosion risk in the Umiew Catchment, Meghalaya, India/P. Prokop. 20. Impact of flood on settlement in Pagladia-Morapagladia River Catchment, Assam/H.J. Syiemlieh and S. Barman. 21. Flood hazards on the Carpathian foreland/P. Gebica. 22. Periodic variation of chemical quality of ground water in shallow aquifers in Krishna-kali Doab, Western Uttar Pradesh, India/Shiv Kumar, Y. Kumar and H.C. Sharma. 23. Anthropogeny and urban floods: causes and concerns - an illustration from Musi stretch Centering Round Hyderabad/S. Padmaja and Vijay Sarathi. V. Desertification and hazards: 24. Desertification processes in semi-arid region of Rajasthan - A case study of Dausa District/H.S. Sharma, Ajay, P.R. Binda and A.S. Arya. Index.

"Looking at the depth and intensity of the issues of environmental changes as still unresolved problems of landscape, the International Geosphere-Biosphere of ICSU put forward to understand the intensity and extent of the effect of environmental forces in different areas across the world. The outcome of the Indo-Polish Joint Seminar on the conditions of different landscape has been arranged in five parts in this volume, namely, environment and extreme conditions, mass movement and landslides, environmental changes and seismicity, surface water and flood hazards and desertification. The present volume is concerned with specific case studies of environmental changes and consequences arising out of extreme hydrologic and geomorphic events across the world.

Environmental changes and Geomorphic Hazards admirably fits as a subtheme of the relevant topic of 'Global Warming and its Effects on the Earth' as contribution to the Global Change Programme of UNESCO and ICSU. It incorporates unique dimensions of geomorphology and the interaction with changing land phenomena over the earth accompanied by empirical examples. The present proceedings of the seminar would be of immense use to researchers, planners, landscape sculptures, environmental scientists and administrators for understanding the environment in its spatial perspective especially in South and South-East Asia." (jacket)

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