Environment, Pollution and Health Hazards

B K Sinha and Shriti Choudhary, APH, 2008, xii, 250 p, ISBN : 8131303597, $39.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Environment, Pollution and Health Hazards/B.K. Sinha and Shriti Choudhary

Contents: Preface. Acknowledgements. Introduction: 1. Population growth, pollution and biodiversity loss: footprints and milestones/B.K. Sinha. I. Population growth and pollution: 2. Population and environmental degradation: a serious challenge for sustainable development/B.K. Thakur. 3. Population growth in India: retrospect and prospect/Kanti Kumari and Shriti Choudhary. 4. Study on quantity and composition of waste generation in Ranchi Municipal Area/Rajesh Kr. Das, Awdhesh Prasad, Prasanjit Mukherjee and Smita Sinha. 5. Need for conservation of water resources in Jharkhand/Shiv Kumar. II. Population growth and biodiversity loss: 6. Impacts of silvicultural techniques in forest biodiversity conservation/B.N. Divakara. 7. Estuarine molluscan species diversity in River Swarnrekha at Kankrapal with reference to some causes of their loss in biodiversity composition/S.R. Pal and M.C. Mahata. 8. Biodiversity loss and quality of life of tribal women in Jharkhand/Shriti Choudhary and B.K. Sinha. 9. Vegetational analysis of Horhap forest for biodiversity mapping and management/Sweta Malani, Madhu Pandey and M.P. Sinha. 10. An overview of fish diversity of Jharkhand State/Md. Tanweer Ahmad. 11. Alarming decline in the population of an edible passeriformes, Eremopteryx grisea. L. : a case study of biodiversity loss/Meetu Sinha, Jaya Prabha Mahato, M. Prasad and P.N. Panday. III. Pollution and biodiversity loss: 12. Waste management through vermiculture and vermicomposting/Sharmila Rani and Vijeta Shree. 13. Impact assessment of insecticides and pesticides on soil insect biodiversity of agricultural land of Ranchi, Jharkhand/Madhusudan Mahto, Amita Hembrom, Kavita Choudhary and B.K. Sinha. 14. Tobacco smoke: a carcinogen made by man for man/Ajay Vidyarthi. 15. Forests: a biosphere carbon sequester/B.N. Divakara. 16. Industrialization and environmental concerns for sustainable development/M.L. Baharani. 17. Waste management and resource conservation at Academic Institutions/G. Kumar and Roli Roy. IV. Population, pollution and biodiversity loss and information technology: 18. Road-mapping the evolution of computer simulation and spatial modelling in the field of ecological researches/B.K. Sinha and Kavita Choudhary. 19. Role of information technology and networking among the institutions with special reference to biodiversity management in Jharkhand/H.K. Singh and Rajesh Kumar. 20. Development of decision support system/Deepak Kumar Ghosh. Authors index. Index subject.

"The present book is an outcome of a two days national conference on population, pollution and biodiversity loss: a bio-social approach. The book contains research articles on biodiversity, essays on population growth pollution and its implications on the natural resources and ultimately on the mankind. This book has an bio-social approach to handle the delicate issues of environment and biodiversity. With an inter-disciplinary approach the book will be useful for the undergraduate, postgraduate and research students working in the field of population, pollution and biodiversity loss." (jacket)

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