Astrological Analysis of Indian Affairs (1947-2050)

Dhruva, Readworthy, 2008, xvi, 268 p, ISBN : 8189973029, $44.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Astrological Analysis of Indian Affairs (1947-2050)/Dhruva

Contents: Foreword. Acknowledgements. Preface. 1. Planetary significations in Indian affairs. 2. Planetary directions: Mahadasa of Saturn the Arbiter of India's destiny. 3. Planetary directions: Mahadasa of Mercury the perpetuator of dynastic rule and moral degradation. 4. Planetary directions: Mahadasa of Ketu scourge of militancy. 5. Planetary directions: Mahadasa of Venus: A saga of unstable coalition governments. 6. Planets and Indian affairs--sectorwise. 7. Planetary transits and Indian affairs. 8. Future trend. Sources of information. Appendices.

"This book attempts to trace the history of post-Independent India astrologically. It presents the key events chronologically along with the important indicators of these events grouped under the Vimshottari Dasa--Antara Dasa segments. Each event has been analysed in the context of prevailing Dasa periods, the transits and, wherever possible, in terms of the Chart cast for the time of the event.

The analysis of Indian affairs is made sectorwise--polity, economy, industry, agriculture, science and technology, natural and national disasters--to take a holistic view of the astral influence. Also, it examines the defining role of Gochara or transits of major planets such as Saturn, Rahu, Jupiter and Mars in triggering significant events. Finally, an attempt is made to work out the future trends of mundane affairs in India's march ahead, covering the period up to 2050."

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