Cognate Words in Sanskrit and Russian

Indu Lekha, Pratibha Prakashan, 2007, xvi, 228 p, ISBN : 8177021435, $39.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Preface. List of abbreviations. Phonetic symbols. 1. Introduction. 2. Comparative assessment of Proto Indo-European Phonemes in Sanskrit and Russian. 3. Special features of Sanskrit and Russian Phonological System. 4. Cognate words in Sanskrit and Russian. 5. Conclusion. Bibliography.

"Since the discovery of Sanskrit's kinship with some ancient languages of Europe, several western scholars have tried to systematically explore the similarities found in the grammatical system and vocabulary of various Indo-European Languages.

It is interesting to note that in spite of disparity of time and space both Sanskrit and Russian have such a striking similarity in the basic Indo-European vocabulary that one is but bound to believe that they have descended from some common source.

The object of present treatise "Cognate Words in Sanskrit and Russian" is to present a critical and systematic analysis of cognate words in Sanskrit and Russian in the light of comparative philology. The etymological explanations, furnished with references to the views of various eminent foreign and Indian scholars, are mostly the accepted ones and are well supported by phonetic as well as semantic congruence. With a view to make the comparison lucid and comprehensible, the phonetic laws operating in Sanskrit and Russian have been dealt with in detail. Each statement has been supported by parallel correspondences found in other Indo-European languages." (jacket)

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