Asian Strategic Review 2007

Edited by S D Muni, Academic Foundation, 2008, 316 p, tables, ISBN : 8171886671, $45.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Preface. Introduction. I. International security issues: 1. Global energy security challenges: India's response/Shebonti Ray Dadwal. 2. Emerging military technologies: security implications for India/Ajey Lele. 3. Global war on terror: the long war to nowhere/Shanthie Mariet D'Souza. 4. A supranational agency for nuclear materials?/Rajiv Nayan. 5. Resurgence of Russia/P. Stobdan. II. South Asia: concerns and hopes: 6. India-Pakistan peace process: gathering momentum/Ashutosh Misra. 7. Pakistan 2006: between internal constraints and external pressures/Ashok K. Behuria. 8. Bangladesh: amidst constitutional crisis/Sreeradha Datta. 9. Sri Lanka : towards Eelam war IV?/Alok Bansal and M. Mayilvaganan. 10. The challenge of building a new Nepal/Smruti S. Pattanaik. 11. Afghanistan: growing uncertainties/Vishal Chandra. 12. Naxalism/left-wing extremism in India: purpose and strategy/Namrata Goswami. III. Dynamism and flux in Asia-Pacific: 13. East Asia in 2006: economic dynamism and political flux/G.V.C. Naidu. 14. Sino-Indian engagement?/Raviprasad Narayanan. 15. Sino-Japanese strategic relations/Abanti Bhattacharya. 16. Japan's leadership transition/Arpita Mathur. 17. Nuclear brinkmanship in East Asia: responses and ramifications/S. Smuel C. Rajiv. 18. Meeting threats to sea-lines collectively: emerging contours in the Indian Ocean/Gurpreet S. Khurana. IV. Engagements and conflict in West and Central Asia: 19. Indo-Saudi engagement: breaking new ground/Gulshan Dietl. 20. Iran's nuclear defiance/Rejesh Kumar Mishra. 21. Hamas, Israel and peace/A.K. Pasha. 22. The second Israel-Lebanon war: an appraisal/V. Krishnappa. 23. Major powers in Central Asia: imperatives for India/Meena Singh Roy. V. Statistical appendix: Appendix tables.

"The volume, divided into four sections, deals with strategic developments pertaining to Asia. Recognising the diverse 'push' and 'pull' factors impinging on a  country's strategic posture, the volume begins with issues which the Advisory Committee of Experts guiding this publication felt were of immediate relevance, Accordingly, the first section :International security issues" has articles analysing India's responses to the global energy security challenges, the resurgent Russia, the emerging military technologies and their security implications for India, the 'global war on terror' and the issues concerning the nuclear non-proliferation regime.

The next three parts contain in-depth analyses of major events in South, East and the West and Central regions of Asia. These constitute India's immediate and extended strategic neighbourhood. The wide range of issues dealt with include the evolving partnership between India and the United States, the changes in the contours of the Sino-Indian and the Sino-Japanese relationship, an evaluation of the India-Pakistan peace process, the challenges of institutionalising democracies in Bangladesh, Nepal, and Afghanistan, the ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka, the East Asian 'economic dynamism and political flux', Pyongyang's nuclear 'brinkmanship', Iran's nuclear programme, developments in Israel-Palestinian relations, and the role of major  powers in Central Asia.

The volume also presents a statistical appendix containing defence and conflict-related data for important countries in Asia."

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