Maharaja Ranjit Singh : Personalitas Extraordinaire

Manveen Sandhu, Springdale Core Consultants, 2007, 92 p, photograph, 118 plates, ISBN : 8190653602, $0.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Maharaja Ranjit Singh : Personalitas Extraordinaire/Manveen Sandhu

Contents: Preface. Dedication. Prologue. 1. Misldar to Maharaja. 2. Ranjit. 3. The Maharaja's Day. 4. A zealous guardian of sovereignty. 5. The secular eye. 6. Vali -e- Khalsa Sarkar. 7. Khadim -e- Qaum. 8. Mithe Ber. 9. Lakh data. 10. Azan. 11. Paras. 12. Insaaf. 13. Fateh. 14. The Fakir brothers. 15. His father's horse. 16. It could be. 17. Sher -e- Punjab. 18. Akali Phula Singh. 19. Tosha Khaana. 20. Kohinoor. 21. Sarbarah -e- Taleem. 22. Amritsar. 23. Sri Darbar Sahib. 24. Sahib -e- Darbar. 25. Maa Boli. 26. The unifying bond of culture. 27. Not so perfect. 28. The two pigeons. 29. Epilogue. 30. The Raj. Bibliography. Acknowledgement. Appreciation.

"'Maharaja Ranjit Singh-Personalitas Extraordinaire' is a tribute to the spirit of Punjabiat by Educationist and Philanthropist Ms. Manveen Sandhu who believes that our glorious past needs to be brought out of the books of history into the day to day life of generation today.

In our fast paced lives, history seems obsolete. In order to make it relevant we need to critically analyze all that has been historically documented to decipher the hidden messages of the past. With this conviction the book has been compiled by Ms. Manveen Sandhu who along with her husband Dr. Shivinder Singh Sandhu has been ardently facilitating active people to people contact between India and Pakistan for cross border peace.

This book is an attempt to present the Golden Period of Punjab where in the Kingdom of Lahore epitomized peace, harmony and prosperity despite many wars being fought by its army under the Maharaja. It aims to understand the philosophy of the Maharaja and reasons behind his actions to decipher ways and means to work together both in India and Pakistan for the common betterment of our people.

During the course of her research, she had the opportunity of interacting with countless historians artists and intellectuals both in India and Pakistan who contributed valuably in helping her explore unknown facts about the Maharaja that have become an inseparable part of this book. The book is a labour of love as she is not a professional historian. It is dedicated to the youth of Amritsar and Lahore who are the true inheritors of the legacy of Majha and to the Punjabis who have spread all over the world to shower the fragrance of Punjabiat."

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