Tribal Health in North East India : A Study of Socio-Cultural Dimensions of Health Care Practices

Udai Pratap Singh, Serials Pub, 2008, viii, 182 p, tables, ISBN : 8183871259, $31.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Preface. 1. Introduction. 2. Review of literature. 3. Profile of North-East Region. 4. Profile of the area. 5. Health care practices. 6. Health status among tribes of India. 7. Conclusion and suggestions. 8. Bibliography. Annexure.

"The health is not only a state of physical and mental well being, but also in true sense it involves the socio-cultural and environmental factors. The complete health either of a person, or of a group is a product of the interplay between these components. The book, infact, propels out these views after having in depth observation on the Tribals of Northeast India, a complex of seven states.

It comprises seven chapters depicting particularly health care systems of Rabha, Karbi, Khasi and Jayantia Tribals inhabiting Northeast India. It also reveals the general trends of the tribal health scenario. In all, like a newer intake in fields of Tribal India, it carves out the matrix of nature and culture, which influences the domain of their health care. It's discussion and narratives on the system might be useful to the students, researchers and academicians, in the areas of anthropology, sociology, and health as well as other disciplines of social sciences. The book may also be helpful to the social activities, health workers and Central/State Govt. Planners." (jacket)

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