Urbanisation Slums and Environmental Health

N A Adinarayanappa, Anmol, 2008, xii, 300 p, tables, ISBN : 8126136629, $55.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Preface. Acronyms. 1. Introduction: environmental changes and implications in India, key concepts--health, environment, urbanisation and population: a discussion. 2. Environmental pollution in urban cities: nature of environmental pollution--air pollution, noise pollution, water pollution, waste management. 3. Slum scene--a historical perspective, growth of slums in Bangalore city, profile of sample slums, socio-economic background of sample slum population. 4. Slum and living environment of slum dwellers and its impact on urban life. 5. Environmental consciousness: an empirical analysis. 6. Environmental movements: environmental movements, role of Non-Governmental Organisations. 7. Environmental legislations--a sociological perspective. 8. Judicial activism and environmental management. 9. State of environment in future. Bibliography. Index.

"The present book gives a gist of many studies conducted on the environmental changes and its implications in India, brief introduction to key concepts like health, environment, urbanisation and population. There is a detailed discussion on the nature, extent, reasons and effects of environmental pollution in urban cities. It also focuses on the waste management, vehicular pollution, noise pollution, etc.

The book furnishes brief note on urbanisation in Karnataka in general and Bangalore city in particular with elaborated information on the historical perspective of slums and its growth in Bangalore city.

There is elaborative information on the socio-economic profile of the sample population with a note on the living environment in slums their health and hygiene and its impact on the urban dwellers, their environmental consciousness, their perceptions about marriage and sexual relationships, various diseases, crime and other activities.

There is a description on the environmental movements; various NGOs working for the cause, the environmental laws and legislations in India, its enforcement and a few case studies pertaining to environment management. Finally, there is a note on the state of environment in future." (jacket)

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