Gitabitan Archive (DVD Only)

, RPG, 2005, $0.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

"Gitabitan Archive is an Archival Research cum entertainment covering the entire Gitabitan by Rabindra Nath Tagore. Tagore's 2212 songs in his lifetime which have been alphabetically arranged Gitabitan.

Gitabitan Archive is a DVD-based software which can be played by a computer.

Clicking the "Icon" a colourful window will open where 2212 songs of Gitabitan have been arranged alphabetically. On clicking any of songs we shall get a list of artists who have sung the particular. After clicking the name of any artist from the list the song will start playing and picture of the artist will be displayed.

In the foot-note all information about the song like category, sub-category, serial number, date of composition, age, volume of Swarabitan, name of the scorer, detail of sura/tal and Raga will be displayed.

We shall have access to the lyric, notation, first recording and necessary information of the song by clicking the respective button. On typing the first few alphabets (Phonetic) we can get any song of choice top on the list.

From the "Search Option" we can search a song in multiple ways. A total number of 2891 Rabindra Sangeet, 4 "Nrityanatyas' and 3 'Geetinatyas' including the texts, 86 songs of Gitanjali and 433 Brahma Sangeet have been compiled in a single DVD.

242 'Bhanga Gan' have been listed in this archive, where the source song can be compared with the respective Rabindra Sangeet.

We can also hear 9 songs and 17 recitations in Tagore's own voice."

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