Geographical Thought : A Systematic Record of Evolution

Lalita Rana, Concept Pub, 2008, xvi, 496 p, ISBN : 8180695360, $55.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Preface. Introduction. I. Geography: a spatial science: 1. Evolution of geographical thought. 2. Nature and scope of geography. II. Classical tradition: 3. Ancient period. 4. Medieval period. 5. Modern period. 6. Dualism in geography. III. Contemporary tradition: 7. Schaefer-Hartshorne debate. 8. Quantitative Revolution. 9. Behavioural geography. 10. Recent trends in geography. IV. Explanation in geography: 11. Laws and theories. 12. Models. 13. Systems' analysis. V. Paradigms and geography: 14. Paradigm: definition and Kuhn's model. 15. Environmentalism. 16. Regional concept. 17. Spatial analysis. Bibliography. Index.

"This book explores the multi-dimensional and problematic relationship between ethics and development in the context of an array of methodological tools and conceptual categories such as social capital, civil society, good governance, involuntary displacement and human rights. Special emphasis has been laid to develop the text as a ready reference for students, research scholars, academics, activists, NGO Professionals, planners, social workers, policy-makers, bureaucrats and development consultants." (jacket)

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