Amphibian Development

Neelima Puri, Vista International, 2008, viii, 272 p, ISBN : 8190711753, $45.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Preface. 1. Introduction to amphibians. 2. Foundations of developmental biology. 3. Reproduction and development of vertebrate. 4. Frog embryology. 5. Gametogenesis. 6. Amphibian gastrulation. 7. Mechanics of Gastrulation movements. 8. Growth factors in Amphibian development. 9. Clevage. 10. Neurulation. 11. Developmental neurobiology of Amphibians. 12. Embryonic induction. 13. Retinal regeneration in Amphibians. 14. Transgenesis in Xenaopus embryos. Bibliography. Index.

"This book, one in the series of books on animal groups and their body systems and physiology, brings within its purview the development process exhibited in amphibians. The book not only studies the principles, processes and concepts that define amphibian development through various stages in their life cycle, but also the larger importance of development studies in amphibians within the context of understanding ecosystems, genetics, ecology and evolution.

In addition, it gives space to immense illustrative diagrams, crucial for taking account of visual information necessary comprehend development, which is beyond the power of words to convey. Further, efforts have also been made to include the latest in amphibian development research, lending the book a more upto-date and relevant outlook. It is hoped that the information and erudition furnished in the book proves highly satisfactory for readers." (jacket)

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