A Textbook of Entomology

Manju Yadav, Sonali, 2008, x, 254 p, ISBN : 8184111248, $40.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: 1. Introduction. 2. Feeding and digestion. 3. Respiration. 4. Blood vascular system. 5. Excretion. 6. Reproduction. 7. Embryonic development.

"The present title A Textbook of Entomology has been written to serve the needs of undergraduate and postgraduate students of Indian Universities. Modern entomology has undergone a radical ecdysis. During last decade, a spectacular development has taken place in several branches of entomology. The present title is a unified and concise treatment that integrates materials from morphology, physiology, and ecology. The basic objective of this text is to provide authoritative and up to date knowledge about the insects. While preparing the manuscript, the relevant literature on the topics has been consulted. The text is illustrated by a number of figures which are idealized and simplified combination diagrams, and include as much as can be possible shown in a single drawing. The author feels that this book is outcome of vast experience and hard work over the years and his desire to motivate the students to study entomology. Author has strives to make the book accurate, systematic and complete." (jacket)

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