Accounts Management

M.A. Shewan, Sonali Pub, 2008, x, 298 p, ISBN : 8184111293, $45.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Preface. 1. Introduction. 2. Concept of financial management. 3. Concept of budgets and budgetary control. 4. Costing techniques. 5. Statement of finance. 6. Study of fund flow. 7. Cash flow statement. 8. Valuation of inventory. 9. Concept of depreciation. Bibliography. Index.

"Accounts management is an important area of General Management. The scope of financial functions is not that narrow as conceived by some of the scholars on the subject. In one confines its scope merely to raising funds for the business, then it would fail to provide answers to many a problem, which arise once the funds are procured. Thus, the scope of finance function covers not only the acquisition of funds from different sources but their effective utilisation as well. The scope of accounts management is quite wide and includes many a function, within its purview viz.; financial planning, organisation of finance functions, procurement of finance, effective management of assets, financial control, income management, analysis and appraisal of financial performance and other miscellaneous works.

This book is an asset for scholars, students and general readers alike." (jacket)

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