A History of Telugu Dalit Literature

Thummapudi Bharathi, Kalpaz Pub, 2008, 282 p, ISBN : 8178356880, $40.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Foreword. Preface. 1. Nature and scope of Dalit Literature stratification of Indian society; who are Dalits? 2. From classics to 1920. 3. The advent of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Socio -- Political Scenario; Freedom Movement -- Social Organisations -- Dalit Organisations. 4. From the Modern to the Post-Modern Literature (1921-1970) -- I. 5. From the Modern to the Post-Modern Literature (1971-2007) -- II. 6. Conclusion. Annexures. Bibliography. Index.

"This History of Telugu Dalit Literature is the first book of its kind in English. It mainly focuses on the Telugu Dalit Literature produced after 1980s.

Dalit writers are earnestly desirous to remove the social exploitation and caste inequalities. They wish to falsify the view that literature leaves the world as it is. They wish to change the world. Through literature they are re-examining and redefining their place in Indian society. Dalit literature primarily focuses on fundamental human rights and human values. Energized by an aggressive expression Dalit Literature protests against the established unjust and graded social order and also rejects the religious and traditional hegemony. In Andhra Pradesh, the powerful Dalit Literature originated mainly from the atrocities on Dalits in Karamchedu (1985) and Tsunduru/Chunduru (1991). The Dalit Movements sprouted when the constitutional remedies failed and social democracy unrealised.

This book, is particularly useful for all the non-Telugu scholars and students of literature in India and other countries. The brief biographical sketches of well known as well as lesser known writers are given due space. This work is also useful for comparative studies in subaltern literatures." (jacket)

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