Population, Poverty and Health : Analytical Approaches

Edited by K.K. Singh, R.C. Yadava and Arvind Pandey, Hindustan Pub, 2009, viii, 384 p, tables, figs, ISBN : 8170750881, $50.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Population, Poverty and Health : Analytical Approaches/edited by K.K. Singh, R.C. Yadava and Arvind Pandey

Contents: Preface. I. Population dynamics: 1. Assessing the future: India's population growth potential, 2001-2101/Carl Haub and O.P. Sharma. 2. Strategies for analyzing spatial-temporal demographic data/C.M. Suchindran and Flavio Rojas. 3. A Bayesian approach for estimating risk of child mortality/Umesh Singh, K.K. Singh, Sanjay Kr. Singh, Brijesh P. Singh and Neha Singh. 4. Fertility transition in India: policy issues and programme challenges/Usha Ram and F. Ram. 5. Fertility trends in Uttar Pradesh: an analysis based on census data/Pradeep Mishra and Rajesh Kumar Chauhan. 6. Socio-economic conditions and family planning practices among the currently married women of Orissa/Ranjana Kar and G.K. Panda. 7. Unobservable heterogeneity and timing of births in Uttar Pradesh: an application of parametric failure time model of event history analysis/Ashutosh Ojha, Arvind Pandey, B.K. Gulati and B.N. Bhattacharya. 8. Heterogeneity of childless families in Sub-Saharan Africa: an analytical model/H.L. Sharma. 9. Deprivation and neonatal mortality: an approach to evaluate reasons behind the deprivation leading to mortality/Partha De, B.N. Bhattacharya and Arpita Dhar. 10. Maternal deaths in India: an attempt to assess the relative importance of economic versus educational status of household/Kaushalendra Kumar and F. Ram. 11. A probability model for describing the distribution of child death and its application/K.K. Singh, Neeraj Pandey and Abhishk Gautam. 12. Understanding community impact of migration from Kerala: a multilevel analysis/K.S. James and Irudaya Rajan. 13. Work status and job satisfaction among female migrants from Kerala working in Mumbai/R.S. Reshmi and Sayeed Unisa. II. Poverty and Health: 14. Geographical variation in poverty and child malnutrition in India/Praveen Kumar Pathak and Abhishek Singh. 15. Role of Antenatal care in utilizing maternal health care services in Maharashtra/L.K. Dwivedi and R.S. Reshmi. 16. Gender differentials in health among children of Karnataka/T.S. Syamala. 17. Determinants of health hazards of the people of riverine (Char) areas of the Brahmaputra Valley of Assam/Kishore K. Das and Dilip C. Nath. 18. Ageing morbidity and health expenditure in Kerala/P. Mohanachandran Nair and S.V. Balasubramanian. 19. Population aging and life cycle deficit: the case of India/Laishram Ladusingh and M.R. Narayana. 20. Statistical considerations in breast carcinoma -- a study on association of Androgen receptors with clinical response/Shivani Negi, A.K. Mishra, Anju Bansal, Amar Bhatnagar, Dinesh Bhatnagar, Chintamani and Sunita Saxena. 21. Disability in India: dimensions and welfare measures/U.V. Somayajulu, S. Anil, Chandran and Purujit Praharaj. 22. A review of inference methods related to quality of life/H.J. Vaman and T. Prabhanjan. III. Sexual health and HIV/AIDS: 23. Knowledge about reproductive and sexual health problems among unmarried young boys of rural and urban areas in Tamil Nadu: patterns, differentials and determinants/N. Audinarayana. 24. Addressing Stigma and discrimination to PLWHA to strengthen the care and support program in India: macro and micro level perspectives/S.K. Singh and Supriya. 25. HIV/AIDS scenario in Botswana: lessons to be learnt/P.S. Nair. IV. Miscellaneous: 26. Trend of return volatility and day effect: evidence from Indian stock market/Brijesh P. Singh and Dhananjay Sahu. 27. Model based study of some estimators in the presence of non-response/V.K. Singh, R.V.K. Singh and R.K. Shukla. 28. Estimation for generalized life distributions in the presence of masked data/Sanjeev K. Tomar and Ashok K. Singh. 29. A study of the price discovery in Gur (sugar cane) futures market of India: a case study/H.P. Mathur, P.V. Rajeev and Abhijeet Singh.

"The present book "Population, Poverty and Health: Analytical Approaches" is a compilation of some selected papers presented in the XXIX Annual Conference of the Indian Association for the Study of Population (IASP) and National Seminar on Recent Statistical Technique for Data Analysis, organized at the Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi during 26-28 October 2007. There are 29 articles included in the book covering wide areas of population, poverty and health. The papers are arranged into 4 sections, namely, population dynamics, poverty and health, sexual health and HIV/AIDS and miscellaneous. This book will promote exchange of ideas and throw lights on various dimensions of population dynamics and develop new methodologies for handling the complex nexus of population, poverty and health." (jacket)

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