Crisis in Indian Democracy and Gandhian Alternative

Vaishali Jain, Regal, 2009, xii, 230 p, ISBN : 8184840025, $44.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Preface. 1. Dynamics of democracy: a conceptual framework. 2. Gandhi's approach to democracy. 3. Crisis in Indian democracy. 4. A Gandhian remedy for strengthening Indian democracy. 5. Conclusion. Bibliography. Index.

"In this book an attempt has been made to identify the factors responsible for the discontentment of people with the state and its institutions, main reasons of strains in the world's largest democracy. The pathetic state of our democratic institutions reflects the depth of degradation of political values of the country. Politics today is devoid of moral values, principles, ideologies, commitment. Good governance is not the issue but how to remain in power has become the serious concern. The loss of faith of people in the existing political system of country put various questions, if this is the present situation then what would be the future of Indian democracy. In this context this volume has touched this aspect also by providing the Gandhian alternative. Today, there is a need of that kind of democracy which can comprehend the incapacity of existing institutions to deliver the goods to the people and which can retain the faith of people in it. His ideas have considerable relevance to the Indian society in future." (jacket)

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