Advances in Information Technology

T.M. Samuel and Maria Samuel, Commonwealth, 2008, viii, 288 p, ISBN : 8131101118, $75.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Advances in Information Technology/T.M. Samuel and Maria Samuel

Contents: Preface. 1. Development of digital technologies. 2. Networked society. 3. ICTs and media. 4. E-commerce technologies and infrastructures. 5. Technologies in learning. 6. Electronic publishing. 7. Technology instruments and communication trends. 8. Electronic governance. 9. Disparities in ICTs. Bibliography. Index.

"Today's computers and software provide extraordinary computational abilities at low cost to people around the world--even those without technical skills. Advances in computer and information technology have created a revolution in science, medicine, education, business, the media, art and entertainment.

Today technology deserves new attention. Because digital, genetic and molecular breakthroughs are pushing forward the frontiers of how people can use technology to eradicate poverty. These breakthroughs are creating new possibilities for improving health and nutrition, expanding knowledge, stimulating economic growth and empowering people to participate in their communities. The technological transformations are intertwined with another transformation--globalisation--and together they are creating a new paradigm: the network age. These transformations expand opportunities and increase the social and economic rewards of creating and using technology.

Recent advances in information technology and its impact on the socio-economic development of the society are elaborately described in this book. Topics such as development of digital technologies, e-commerce infrastructure, electronic publishing, technology instruments, communication trends, electronic governance etc., are described in detail. It is hoped that this book will be a valuable resource to all those concerned." (jacket)

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