Christianity and Change in Northeast India

Edited by T.B. Subba, Joseph Puthenpurakal and Shojis Joseph Puykunnel, Concept, 2009, xxii, 362 p, tables, ISBN : 8180694479, $42.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Preface. I. Concepts: 1. Culture change among the tribes of Northeast India/T.K. Oommen. 2. Culture change among the tribes of Northeast India: some conceptual and methodological issues/A.C. Sinha. 3. Communities in transition/Archbishop Thomas Menamparampil, SDB. 4. Reflections on identity, culture, cultural change and Christianity/Sebastian Karotemprel, SDB. II. Christianity and Northeast India: regional perspectives: 5. Role of Christianity in fostering literacy and education in northeastern region: statistical evidence/Amaresh Dubey and Veronica Pala. 6. Customary law-formal law interface: impact on tribal culture/Walter Fernandes and Gita Bharali. 7. Revival of traditional institutions impacted by Christianity: the challenges ahead for missionaries in Northeast India/B. Francis Kulirani. 8. Tribes of Northeast India and national integration/Fr. A. Kanjamala. 9. Christianity and socio-political consciousness in Northeast India/Barnes Mawrie, SDB. 10. Christianity and change among the hill tribes of Northeast India/Rev. O.L. Snaitang. 11. Language plurality, biodiversity and ethnicity: identity and change in Northeast India/George Plathottam, SDB. III. Christianity and tribes of Northeast India: community perspectives: 12. Christianity, Khasi language and literature: an historical analysis of the interaction of Christianity with traditional culture/Rev. B.L. Nongbri. 13. Christianity and the megalithic tradition in the Khasi-Jaintia hills: a preliminary study of the processes of deculturation and enculturation/Cecile A. Mawlong. 14. Christian missions in the Khasi-Jaintia hills: health care and impact on the society/Amena Passah. 15. Ecological basis of Khasi ethno-cultural traits/Rekha M. Shangpliang. 16. Emergence of Christianity as new religious identity and its impact on tradition and culture among the Tagins of Arunachal Pradesh/Ashan Riddi. 17. Christianity and culture change among the Wanchos of Arunachal Pradesh/Sarit Kumar Chaudhuri. 18. Changes and continuity in Naga marriage: case study of Zounuo-Keyhonuo group of Angami-Naga/Kikhi Kedilezo. 19. Socio-cultural changes among the Maring and Aimol tribes of Manipur/P. Venkata Rao and M. Kennedy Singh. 20. "God's strange means": missionaries , calamity and philanthropy among the Lushais/Sajal Nag. IV. Christianity and women: gender perspectives: 21. The invisible inscription: women missionary and education of women, 1886-1905/Tejimala Gurung Nag. 22. Contribution of Catholic women missionaries to the socio-cultural change among the tribes of Northeast India/Sr. Angeline Lotsuro, MSMHC. 23. Changing Khezha culture, Christianity and women: some observations/Lucy Zehol. 24. Home away from home: the work of missionary wives in the Evangelical project in colonial Assam: life and times of Mrs. P.H. Moore/Suryasikha Pathak. Index.

"This compendium of twenty-four papers analyses the role of Christianity in bringing about socio-cultural change in Northeast India. Providing conceptual, regional, community and gender perspectives, it takes stock of cultural change among the tribes of Northeast India, and offers reflections on identity, culture, cultural change and Christianity.

The contributors also deliberate on the contribution of Christianity towards development of literacy and education in the region, interface between customary and formal laws and their impact on tribal culture, revival of traditional institutions impacted by Christianity, and the role of women missionaries in the development of female education in the tribal areas." (jacket)

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