Proceedings of International Conference on Advanced Computing Technologies: ICACT 2008

Edited by S. Viswanadha Raju, BS Publications, 2009, xv, 950 p, figs, ISBN : 8178001883, $100.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: I. System softwares and algorithms: 1. A modified differential evolution using non-linear simplex method to initialize the population/Millie Pant, Musrrat Ali and V.P. Singh. 2. A survey on scalable CPU scheduling in real time database/Sadanand S. Patil and Gajendra R. Bamnote. 3. Decision support system for Jobshop scheduling/A. Jawahar Babu and G. Janardhana Raju and S. Viswanadha Raju. 4. An architectural approach on distributed multimedia application support in operating systems/V. Mahesh, M. Padma and J. Durga. 5. Modified bacterial foraging optimization and its application for the design of a nonlinear taper/N.C. Chauhan, B.R. Vasista, M. Sandeep Reddy, M.V. Kartikeyan and A. Mittal. 6. Sequence alignment algorithms using dynamic programming technique/P.V. Lakshmi, Allam Appa Rao and G. Appa Rao. 7. Facilities layout optimization using genetic algorithm/K. Venkata Subaiah, A.V.N.L. Sharma and G.V.S. Raju and Altab H. Basha. 8. Linear polynomial Swarms for aid to the physicians efforts in proper diagnosis of breast cancer/Sanat Mishra and Bijan Bijari Misra. 9. An improved harmony search algorithm with differential mutation operator/Prithwish Chakraborty, Gourab Ghosh Roy and Swagatam Das. 

II. Advance computer architecture and object oriented analysis: 1. A memory efficient architecture for diamond search block matching algorithms/Sumit K. Chatterjee and Indrajit Chakrabarti. 2 . Design and implementation of microcontroller based automatic ON/OFF Genset/S. Balamurugan, G. Arunprasath and R. Karthikeyan. 3. Software metrics based evaluation of web services/D. Rajaguru and P. Dhavachelvan. 4. Optimizing techniques for noise in IC layout design/Jitesh R. Shinde and S.B. Pokle. 5. Performance analysis of web service architecture/Jijun Lu, Swapna and S. Gokhale. 6. Design issues of reconfigurable embedded system architectures/Sunil Kr. Singh, M.P.S. Bhatia and Rajni Jindal. 7. Timing driven physical implementation of USB 2.0 core using SoC encounter/L. Basavaraj and R.D. Sudhaker Samuel. 8. An open source methodology to increase observability in Verilog programs/L. Swarna Jyothi and A.S. Manjunath. 9. Extraction of MOS device parameters from C-V measurement, using VEE pro software/Viranjay and M. Srivastava. 10. Intelligent model for agent based secure web services discovery/V. Prasath, D. Kiran Kumar Reddy and M. Thirumaran. 11. A comparative study of various techniques implemented to improve the performance of flash ADC/S.S. Khot, R.P. Ghugardare and M.S. Sutaone. 12. Design and development of smart card based quick charger for an electric car/Robert Prabhakar M, Sanket Dessai and S.G. Shivaprasad Yadav. 13. A novel method in datapath operator cell design/Manikandan Raju. 14. A review of ADC architectures and their design implementations/S.S. Khot, R.P. Ghugardare and M.S. Sutaone. 15. Simulation of digital organisms using AI techniques to design controllers/Raja Mohamed S, Rajeswaran, N. Ramaraju V. and Madhu T. 16. Design and analysis of object oriented software using UML in different perspectives/S. Balamurugan and P. Ganesh Kumar. 17. Object oriented implementation of grid framework using net technology/K. Mukherjee and G. Sahoo. 18. A multitier high-level mechanism for secure object oriented design/K. Mustafa and S. Rehman. 19. A case study on estimation of software development effort/Vandana Bhattacherjee, Sanjay Kumar and Ekbal Rashid. 20. A study of the ongoing research and industrial adoption of AOSD/Rupali Ahuja and Anita Goe. 21. An approach to support QoS in composite web service environment/Lalit Purohit and Amit Kumar Vyas. 22. SSI.O--A new novel software solution to control shoulder surfing/Divyans Mahansaria and Karthik S. 23. Web 3.0: Emerging applications for internet generation/Navneet Bhardwaj and Priyanka Bhutani. 24. A new dynamic cohesion metric for object oriented design/Vandana Bhattacherjee, Vinay Singh and Kumar Rajnish. 25. On line visual inspection system (OLVIS) schemes for process industries/Ashwani Kumar Dubey and R.P. Singh. 

III. Databases and data mining: 1. An efficient queue structure model for mining frequent patterns in large databases/Divya Bhatnagar, Neeru Adlakha and K.R. Pardasani. 2. Automatic clustering with the bacterial evolutionary algorithm/Archana Chowdhury and Swagatam Das. 3. Clustering algorithms in microarray spot detection--a comparative study/Karteeka Pavan K. and Appa Rao Allam. 4. Design and implementation of scalable sequential pattern mining algorithm for sequence of transaction/Aruna Tiwari and Puneet Vyas. 5. Clustering with multi-objective differential evolution algorithms-a comparative study/Debarati Kundu, Sayan Ghosh, Kaushik Suresh, Swagatam Das and Ankur Mondal. 6. Exploring Random forest classifier in parallel computing environment/Vrushali Y. Kulkarni, Vineet Krishnan and Deep Shah. 7. Some interesting knowledge structures for discovery of decision rules with exceptions and hierarchies-a review/Saroj and Yogita. 8. Analysis of human face through fuzzy based simulated model/R. Ramya and R. Priya. 9. Extension of clustering algorithms and their application in cancer dataset/R. Kavitha Kumar, R.M. Chandrasekar, E. Ilavarasan, A. Athirai, K.P. Mafina and C. Sahiti. 10. The role of data mining in CRM for efficient campaign management/Sati Hanuman, A. Sesham Anand, Vinaybabu A, Govardhan A and Padmanabham P. 11. Generation of clusters for duplicate records using union-find algorithm/K. Prasanna Lakshmi, K.R. Madhavi and T. Anitha. 12. Comparative study of hierarchical clustering algorithms suitable for Video Data Mining/D. Saravanan and G. Geetha. 13. Analysis and design of a comprehensive text categorization approach for English language/R.V. Dharaskar, V.M. Thakre, M.B. Chandak and Shantanu A. Lohi. 14. Semi-supervised learning for text classification/Nitin N. Pise. 15. Spatial databases emerging new type of databases/Swati S. Sabnis. 16. The need, use and efficiency of mining in spatial databases/M. Satish, B. Kishore and P. Srinivasa Rao. 17. Privacy preserving data mining using randomized perturbation technique/P. Kamakshi and A. Vinaya Babu. 18. Web mining: integration of semantic web and web usage mining/D. Vasumathi, A. Govardhan and K. Suresh. 19. Analysis of assorted bioinformatics tolls and its metrics/P. Dhavachelvan and Jayanthi Manicassamy. 20. A review on open source and free expert system shells/G.N.R. Prasad, A. Vinaya Babu, B. Sasidhar and P.M. Yohan. 21. Using Kalman filter and velocity renovation to improved GPS location tracking/Mohammad Zahaby, Ganesh D. Bhutkar and M.L. Dhore. 22. Source code plagiarism detection using back-propagation neural network/Kalindi Sinha,  Ruchira Barik, Shubhra, Sindhura T and Ch Aswani Kumar. 23. Handwritten Hindi character recognition: a new approach/Dayashankar Singh, Maitreyee Dutta and Sarvpal H. Singh. 24. A genetic algorithm optimized neural net for classification based on NOFM algorithm/Kumar Saurabh Bisht and Sanjay Chaudhary. 25. Evaluation of feature selection methods for predictive modeling using neural networks in credit scoring/Raghavendra and Jay B. Simha. 26. Predicting the class labels of the given training tuples through backpropagation algorithm/C.V. Guru Rao and V. Shankar. 27. Data mining in a regression framework/Sesham Anand, Sai Hanuman A, Govardhan A. Vinayababu A and Padmanabham P. 28. Classifying human chromosomes using neural networks/G. Shyama Chandra Prasad and B. Satyanarayana. 

IV. Distributed and parallel computing: 1. IDA: contributing towards reliable secure distributed storage/Tarang Gupta and Anshul Malik. 2. Distributed rogue access point detection in IEEE 802. 11 wireless LAN using mobile agent/A. V. Dhaygude, M.S. Karyakarte, S.B. Vanjale and M.S. Vanjale. 3. A game theoretic model for dynamic load balancing in distributed systems/S. Shailendra Aote and M.U. Kharat. 4. A unified framework for distributed shared memory consistency models/Bal Gopal and Pankaj Kumar. 5. Resource discovery and task assignment for distributed system using semantic service/Sudhir G. Shikalpure and Laxman D. Netak. 6. DRDS: Dynamic resource discovery system an approach to resource discovery in a grid computing environment using dynamic agents/D. Sudheer Kumar Reddy and Arun Agarwal. 7. Microcontroller hybrid network for distributed embedded applications/Trupti Nagrare and V.M. Thakare. 

V. Image and speech processing: 1. Facial expression classification using multilayer perception/Praseeda Lekshmi V., M. Sasikumar and Reena Sathyan. 2. Facial expression by feature extraction/Praseeda Lekshmi. V. and M. Sasikumar. 3. A combine approach for skin color based hand gesture extraction/Amresh Nikam, Poonam Kapade and Sonali Patil. 4. A novel method for linear feature extraction based on Markov Random fields and morphological operations/C. Naga Raju, S. Anusha Naidu and A. Vijaya Lakshmi. 5. Analysis of rolling shutter effect and compensation in image databases/R. Sinduja and R. Thenmalar. 6. Classification of images using SVMs/M. Raja Sekar, P. Prem Chand and I.V. Muralikrishna. 7. Detection of pupil and Iris for personal identification/C.M. Patil and Sudarshant Patil Kuilkarani. 8. Image watermarking encoder for FPGE devices/S. China Venkateswarlu, B.Y. David Solomon Raju and C.M. Renu Babu. 9. SDMS--An image processing application/Bhushan V. Patil, Kalpesh V. Joshi and Kiran H. Sonawane. 10. Adaptive motion estimation with artifact reduction for Video compression/K. Sivakami Sundari and P. Senthil Kumar. 11. Classification of facial images using FFNN/Shubhangi D. Sapkal, Mahananda D. Malkauthekar and Sangeeta N. Kakarwal. 12. A new biometric watermarking algorithm for color images using DWT and SVD/V. Santhi, G. Manikandan and M.M. Eugene. 13. Analysis of classification methods of face images using PCA and fisher based algorithms/Mahananda D. Malkauthekar and Shubhangi D. Sapkal. 14. Facial expression recognition/Sachin Ruikar, Atul Ingole and Chittaranjan Mahajan. 15. Machine readable blood group analyzer/A. S. Arvind, K. Sugendran, H.N. Suma, K. Vijayalakshmi and Manswi, M. Gundi. 16. A Robust invariant curvature scale space based recognition algorithm for shape based image recognition/Vivek M Gulhane and V.M. Thakare. 17. Application of haptics technology in virtual reality/Shubhangi H. Patil, Patil B.S.,Patil A.D. and Tejashri H. Mohite.  18. Research on DNA matching and classification/Priti C. Golar and U. Shravankar. 19. A new image encryption approach with dual carrier images/Pandurange H.T. and Aravind B.N. 20. Image retrieval on parallel multicomputers/T. Venu Gopal, B. Ramesh Naik and V. Kamakshi Prasad. 21. Recognition of continuously spoken Bangla numbers/Mohammad Ali Moni, Md. Mijanur Rahman and Md. Farukuzzaman Khan. 22. Open domain real time lecture translation system/Sonal Sharma and A.K. Dubey. 23. Pattern recognition using a hybrid model based on genetic algorithm and neural network/Satish Chandra and D.S. Chauhan. 24. Voice biometrics: an identification engine for information security/Safia Yasmeen and Jameela Bano. 25. Development of a procedure for the automatic recognition of disfluencies in the speech of people who stutter/K.M. Ravikumar, Sachin Kudva, R. Rajagopal and H.C. Nagaraj. 26. Real time automatic speech recognition system blind people/P. Laxminarayana Mythilisharan and A.V. Ramana. 27. Designed generalized code for real time image processing of welding process/Er. Pradeep N. Fale and S.A. Raut. 

VI. Information retrieval system: 1. An adaptive technique to categorize Indic language documents/D.A. Meedeniya and A.S. Perera. 2. Automatic document classifier based on statistical machine learning techniques/Rajashree Shettar and Shobha G. 3. Overall operation of DNA computer with emphasis on memory operations/Subrata Sinha. 4. Crawling the web using graph partitioning models/Sahar Farajian, Ganesh Bhutkar and Shraddhanand Pukale. 5. Ontology based information extraction from resume/Mhapasekar Darshan P. 6. Page rank computation methods: a text mining application method for information retrieval/D. Saritha and P. Parimala. 7. Parallel algorithms for string matching on 2D linear array with reconfigurable pipelined bus systems/S.Viswanadha Raju, A. Vinaya Babu, Altaf H. H. Basha, B. Sasidhar and A. Govardhan. 8. WSD Approaches for information retrieval/S.K. Dwivedi and Parul Rastogi. 9. Topical Crawlers based on mutual information feature selection method/N.V. G. Sirisha Gadiraju and G.V. Padma Raju. 10. Analysis of Assorted bioinformatics tolls and its metrics/P. Dhavachelvan and Jayanthi Manicassamy. 11. Fast and efficient web page classification based on URL features oriented metadata generation algorithm/K. Selcvakuberan, M. Indra Devi and R. Rajaram. 12. Web 2.0 Mpping mashup applications for academic universities comparative case study (secure Google Maps API versus microsoft Virtual Earth API)/D. Sravani, M.V.S.S. Giridhar, P. Praneeth, M.K. Rami Reddy and Md. Ilyasuddin. 13. Seauence arithmetic for reducting the search space for proteins database/Y. Rama Devi and C.R. Rao. 

VII. Networking, cryptography and mobile computing: 1. A multiple axis key shadowing cipher technique for symmetric key cryptograph/K. Venkateswara Rao, S. Rama Krishna and M. Srinivasarao. 2. Achieving better contrast in visual cryptography scheme/Thomas Monoth and Babu Anto P. 3. An asymmetric image encryption and decryption based on jumbled parallel computing (IEJPC)/Karthik T, Varalakshmi, R.S. Subburaj V. and Thavavel V. 4. Adaptive nonlinear channel equaliser using MLANN/Gunamani Jena, R. Baliarsingh and G.M.V. Prasad. 5. Key agreement protocol for dynamic peer group with efficient authentication/M. Sukanya. 6. Implementation of wi-fi in industrial automation with enhanced security/Shankar Ganesh, Kamal Kumar Panta and Venkata Veeravalli. 7. Preventive approaches for web application's security attacks/A. Damodaram, R Sridevi, K. Venkateshwara Rao and M.V. Ramaraju. 8. Steaming media caching algorithms for transcoding proxies (TeC and AMTrac)/M. Naga Ratna, V. Kamakshi Prasad and T.Y.J. Naga Malleswari. 9. Cryptography using elliptic curve-multiplication issue/Yogita S. Pagar. 10. Cryptanalaysis of simplified AES/S. J. Karale and A.S. Alvi. 11. Magnetic resonance imaging image optimization using stochastic resonance/Vinay Kumar Shukla. 12. X-Server database: an ADBMS for secure transmissions over all networks/Prakash Devale, Pritesh Patil and Amol Dhumane. 13. Discovery of objects through radio frequency/B. Sudhir, C. Nageswara Raju and R. Guruvaiah. 14. Design and implementation of a novel stego archiver/S. Balamurugan, C. Arul Raj and V. Harish. 15. Network intrusion detection using fast K-means/D. Saritha and G. Yamuna. 16. Secure Routing protocols in wired networks/S. Venkata Raju, M. Venkat Dass, P. Premchand and A. Govardhan 17. A summary of new cryptographically well-built compression function/A. Arul Lawrence Selvakumar and C. Suresh Gnanadhas. 18. The evolution of cyber Forensics models/P. B. Vijaya Kumar and P.S. Avadhani. 19. Security over web services using evidence based access control/E.S. Shamila and Maganti Suresh Kumar. 20. A new method for identifying monitoring nodes in intrusion detection systems of mobile ad Hoc Network/Marjan Kuchaki Rafsanjani, Ali Movaghar and Amir Sabbagh Molahosseini. 21. Dynamic resource management and call admission control in QoS cellular network-an integrated approach/Sulata Mitra. 22. "Implementation of an embedded control to monitor and controller electrical/electronic devices using short message service"/Mahendra A. Sheti and N.G. Bawane. 23. Network management using ant based mobile agents/Purnima P. Soni and S.V. Gumaste. 24. The design of mobile agent based intelligent system for autonomic network management/Naveen Kumar Gandhi and Durgesh Pant. 25. A low cost approach to transfer data in remote data acquisition systems using cellular phones/G.V. Ramachandra Rao, K. Satya Prasad and C.B. Rama Rao. 26. Self organized public key management for Mobile Ad Hoc networks using mat lab/G.V.S. Raju, P. Ravi Kiran and G.V. Suresh. 27. Energy evaluation of two reactive protocols under ON/OFF source traffic/Dhiraj Nitnaware and Ajay Verma. 28. Threshold key management for MANET/P. Sumathi. 29. Performance improvement in cluster based routing using selective unidirectional link/Sonal A. Bhople, Sunita S. Barve and Lata Ragha. 30. Amendments and confrontations in the management of resources for mobile grid computing/Aditya Vidyart and Divya Bhatnagar. 31. A summary of current approaches and future challenges in IP over WDM/Amitangshu Pal. 32. Protecting web servers from DDoS attacks using WebSOS/M. Sankara Prasanna Kumar and M. Rudra Kumar. 33. Progress in optical networks/K. Aparna and S. Suryanarayana. 34. A layered approach to modeling network connectivity for topological analysis of network security/M. Sreedevi and R. Seshadri. 35. A scalable intrusion detection system for wireless sensor networks/Ravindara Bhatt and T.S. Lamba.  36. Adaptive slot transfer TDMA protocol for energy efficient wireless intelligent nano sensor networks/Irrai Anbu J. 37. Dynamic mobility management and vertical handoff algorithm for next generation all-IP Wireless network/Sulata Mitra. 38. Self adaptive handoff model for 4G/Alok Singh and Saurabh Singh. 39. IP based address network management/H.V. Ramakrishnan and Sira G. Rao and Nagaraja G.S. 40. Reverse AARM: a novel and effective suffix based IP address assignment and routing mechanism/Monika Mangla. 41. Vehicular ad-hoc network/Smita N. Pathak and S.A. Raut. 42. A system for locating users of WLAN using statistical and dynamic mapping in Indoor and outdoor environment -LOIDS/K. Krishna Naik, M.N. Giri Prasad, Sara Tabassum and K. Sri Lakshmi. 43. An efficient fault tolerant irregular extra group network/Harsh Sadawarti and P.K. Bansal. 44. Fault tolerant local delaunay triangulation for ad hoc sensor network/Annaji M. Kuthe, Amit R. Ukalkar, Animesh Tayal and Madhuri A. Tayal. 45. Issues in cognitive radio network for dynamic spectrum access in wireless networks/Sunita S. Barve, Sonal A. Bhople and Dipali Shende. 46. Intelligent model for agent based secure web services discovery/V. Prasath, D. Kiran Kumar Reddy and M. Thirumaran. 47. A novel kernel level mechanism for preventing password thefts by TSRs/A. Narayana Rao and H. Balaji. 48. DT Algorithm agents for Mobile Robot navigation/M. Hariharasudan. 49. EAD for wireless sensor networks/Mayank Chakraverty, Mohamed Arshad Akbar and S. Vignesh. 50. Intelligent Robotic control: operated by wireless 802.11 wi-fi system/Er. Aishwari V. Talhan S.A. Raut and S.P. Gawate. 51. MFL3G: An open source mobile forensics library for digital analysis and reporting of mobile devices for collecting digital evidence, an overview from windows mobile OS perspective/Rizwan Ahmed. 52. Performance analysis of power aware cross layer routing protocol for manet/Rekha Patil and A. Damodaram. 53. Temporal modeling of node mobility in a mobile ad hoc network/Jyoti Prakash Singh and Paramartha Dutta. 54. Traffic aware multipath routing protocol for adhoc networks/Sujatha P. Terdal, V.D. Mytri and A. Damaodaram. 

VIII. Applications of science and Engineering: 1. Advancements in power system protection and control/Bhushan V. Patil, Kalpesh V. Joshi and Kiran H. Sonawane. 2. Detection and analysis of human energy field a review/D.V. Kurmude, Satish Panchal and J.S. Sardar. 3. Simulation of digital organism using AI techniques to design controllers/S. Raja Mohamed, N. Rajeswaran, V. Rama Raju and T. Madhu. 4. Fault prognosis for electrical equipment for battery operated vehicle/M. Lakshmi Swarupa, G. Tulasi Ram Das and P.V. Raja Gopal. 5. Modeling of direct silicon fusion wafer level packaging/Shruti Jain, S.C. Sood and C.C. Tripathi. 6. Designing a low power sigma delta modulator and HRV analysis for ECG system/T. Padma, M. Madhavi Latha, K. Jaya Kumar and B. Balaji. 7. Fuzzy controller for DC/DC converter/B. Jagadish Kumar, Bankara Basavaraja and G. Rajendar."

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