A Book of Home Plans

D.N. Ghose, CBS Pub, 2008, pbk, Reprint, x, 284 p, ISBN : 8123916576, $40.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Book of Home Plans/D.N. Ghose

Contents: 1. Introduction. 2. The units. 3. Staircase layouts. 4. Concrete Jafriwork. 5. Chujjas and hoods. 6. Sunbreakers. 7. Designs of Porch. 8. Verandahs. 9. Parapet walls. 10. Wall textures. 11. Water reservoirs. 12. Forms of sheds. 13. Forms of Grills. 14. Tiling pattern. 15. Typical designs of tiles. 16. Building plans (Plans No. 1 to 61).

From the Preface: ""A Book of Home Plans" was prepared and published based on the concept of the facilities required by the people to make a home like home. It is fact that architecture is mother of all arts. A properly planned and designed home with architectural composition (geometrical pattern, shape, appendages, colour, texture, etc.) may be compared with frozen music."

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