Biodiversity Conservation in the Himalayas

B.L. Kaul, Daya, 2009, xx, 326 p, ISBN : 9788170356127, $75.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Biodiversity Conservation in the Himalayas/B.L. Kaul

Contents: Foreword. Preface. 1. Climate change and its impact on glaciers of NW Himalaya: an overview/M.N. Kaul. 2. Ecodegradation of the Himalayan state of Jammu and Kashmir: a review/J.L. Tiku. 3. Characteristics, genesis and classification of some soils from sub-mountain region of Jammu Siwaliks/R.D. Gupta. 4. Impact of degrading habitat on wildlife in Jammu and Kashmir/B.L. Kaul and Anil K. Verma. 5. Impact of tourism and development on ecology and biodiversity of Patnitop Hill Resort/A.K. Parimoo. 6. Endangered wildlife of trans-Himalayan Ladakh/B.L. Kaul. 7. Watershed approach for integrated national resources planning and management in Himalayas/S.N. Macoo. 8. Dal Lake: a shrinking Himalayan jewel/B.L. Kaul. 9. Conservation of medicinal plant resource in Western Himalaya/O.P. Sharma. 10. Rich and varied fish fauna of Himalayas/B.L. Kaul. 11. Morphological and physico-chemical properties of acid soils from Jammu Himalayan region (J and K State) and their management/R.D. Gupta, Daisy Bhan and Deepak Kher. 12. Management and conservation of the natural resources of the Himalayas with emphasis on Kashmir Himalayas/Anil Kumar Verma and B.L. Kaul. 13. Plant genetic resources of a North-Western Indian state/N.S. Chauhan and Sanjeev Thakur. 14. The present status of forests in the Central Himalayas/B.L. Teli. 15. Study of the effect of mining on the Jainti Basin in Eastern Himalaya/S.R. Basu, Nandini Dhara, Nabanita Sen Gupta and Madhumita Sinha. 16. Landslides in Darjeeling Himalayas/Partha Pratim Roy and Jyotirmoy Sen. 17. Land use utilisation in Darjeeling Himalaya/Debashis Das. 18. Environmental impact of unhindered land use in a village in Darjeeling Himalaya/Jyotirmoy Sen and N.D. Lama. 19. "Livelihood-economic-environment" approach for sustainable development of Himalayan mountain regions/Raj Ganguly. 20. Global warming and melting of Himalayan glaciers/R.D. Gupta. 21. Landslides in Darjeeling district/V.C. Jha and P.T. Namgyal. Index.

"The colossal and awe-inspiring Himalayas eulogized by the people of India as nature's marvel and the abode of Gods are one of the most threatened life-support systems on the earth today. The continuing deforestation and the resultant high-intensity landslides, unplanned developmental activities and natural factors such as earthquakes, neo-tectonic activities, cloud bursts etc are some of the factors threatening the very existence of the Himalayas.

"Biodiversity Conservation in the Himalayas" is a compendium of articles written by experts and workers connected with Himalayan studies. The volume covers a wide range of topics having a direct bearing on the health and security of the mot outstanding yet fragile Himalayan ecosystems. The authors have tried to analyse the causes of the degradation of the Himalayas and suggested measures to restore and regain the beauty and biodiversity of these mighty mountains." (jacket)

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