Arunachal Pradesh : The Hidden Land

Mamang Dai, Penguin, 2009, Revised edition. First published in 2003, 140 p, 149 col. plates, ISBN : 9780670083312, $0.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Arunachal Pradesh : The Hidden Land/Mamang Dai

Contents: Acknowledgements. Preface. 1. The story of the beginning of the world. 2. A hidden land. 3. The cradle of evolution. 4. Myths of creation. 5. A forbidding and fascinating world. 6. In the footsteps of the great Rimpoche. 7. Gifts of the Gods. 8. Legends of love. 9. The way of Donyi-Polo. 10. The joy of living. 11. Destination Arunachal. 12. Factfile. Notes. Bibliography.

“‘Sedi (earth) desired to return to her husband Melo (sky), but as she was raising herself towards him the sun and moon appeared; she was ashamed and could go no further. That part of her which was reaching towards her Lord became fixed forever as the great mountains.’

A tropical land hidden in rain and mist, a place where life and legend intertwine, a society dominated by age-old customs and beliefs, a people who till recently had little or no contact with the outside world, a region known as Arunachal Pradesh. Called the land of ‘Unknown Savages’ by early explorers, Arunachal’s tribal society and traditional culture has undergone rapid transformation since India’s independence. As modernization sweeps through the land, concerted efforts need to be made to protect and preserve the state’s tribal culture and its vast green forests.

The indescribable loveliness of this landscape is unveiled in this beautifully illustrated book. Revealing a people who, since life began, have lived in complete harmony with their unique environment. The book also attempts to document the rich oral tradition of the various tribes of this fascinating, forbidden land.

The stunning hues of this magical landscape and the remarkable lives of its people, all depicted in a manner which has never been done before.” (jacket)

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