A Handbook of Poll Surveys in Media: An Indian Perspective

N. Bhaskara Rao, Gyan Publishing House, 2010, 329 p, 35 tables, 10graphs, ISBN : 8121210423, $31.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Handbook of Poll Surveys in Media: An Indian Perspective /N. Bhaskara Rao

Contents: 1. Poll surveys: the Indian scene. 2. Media coverage of elections: poll surveys.  3. Anatomy of poll surveys. 4. Role of surveys. 5. Exit polls. 6. Elusiveness of public opinion and illusion of poll surveys. 7. Polling agencies, psephologists and analysts. 8. Slogans to schemes to survey. 9. Is there a rethink about poll surveys?. 10. The way forward.  Index.

It is a hand book on and about poll surveys and the way they are being used by new media. It points to pre-emptive nature of media coverage of polls. A reference book for those in news media covering up and coming political leaders and aspiring candidates, as well as for budding psephologists and analysts in media, what they should look for from surveys and how they should be appraised. The book highlights transparency in conducting and in use of poll surveys.

It reminds researchers and survey agencies, the challenge of upholding sanctity and significance of surveys in public domain. The book tracks long history of news media conducting surveys during objective and credible coverage of polls. It is an insider’s view and outsider’s concern but with a critical perspective. The book cautions about domino effect of survey syndrome and reminds positive potential of survey research. “ (jacket)

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