An Ancient Indian System of Rasayana : Suvarnatantra A Treatise on Alchemy

Edited by Chittabrata Palit and Nupur Dasgupta, Kalpaz, 2009, 164 p, 25 plates, ISBN : 8178356921, $30.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

An Ancient Indian System of Rasayana : Suvarnatantra A Treatise on Alchemy/Edited by Chittabrata Palit and Nupur Dasgupta

Contents: Preface. 1. Rasa, rasayana, rasatantra; exploring concepts and practices/Nupur Dasgupta. 2. Suvarnatantra. 3. Translation of Suvarnatantra. 4. Suvarnatantra: an interpretation/Chittabrata Palit. 5. Interpreting Suvarnatantra/Nupur Dasgupta. 6. Interpretation of Suvarnatantra/Sutapa Saha. 7. Ayurveda in colonial Bengal : survival and revival/Chittabrata Palit. Index.

"This book has grown out of a UGC major project on pharmacy in the Sanskrit treatises on Rasayana in Eastern India awarded to the editors in 2005. Rasayana, a sub-discipline of Ayurveda, gradually got transformed into Alchemy, the protoscience preceding chemistry.

In this monograph, an obscure text, the Suvarnatantra of the 16th century has been deciphered. the original Sanskrit text, its translation and interpretations by the research team have been incorporated. The introductory essay deals with the whole history of Rasayana in ancient India and the epilogue gives the colonial consequences of the mutation of Ayurveda." (jacket)

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