A Complete Book on Fish Genetics and Aquatic Environment

Shambhu Dhir, Cyber Tech Pub, 2010, viii, 248 p, ISBN : 8178845753, $42.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Complete Book on Fish Genetics and Aquatic Environment/Shambhu Dhir

Contents: Preface. 1. Introduction. 2. The public health risks. 3. Consumption of the seafood. 4. The health effects on sea fishes. 5. Diseases in seafishes. 6. Contaminant in seafoods. Bibliography. Index. 

"The book finds its detailed treatment about the fish genetics and aquaculture and their correlation. The language of the book and the ways of expression of the facts really deserve to be admired. The genetic improvement of fish for aquaculture and related fisheries is a field of research that has seen immense advances in recent years. Yet there has been no book which provides an accessible overview of the subject until now. The present study investigates the seasonal variation in fish abundance, fish biomass, reproductive status and population structure of four dominant Benthic fish species, Salaria pavo, Poniatoschistus marmoratus, Gobius cobitis and Gobius niger, in the shallow and littoral areas of the Mar Menor Coastal Lagoon. In addition, the seasonal habitat associations of each species were studied by assessing environmental variables related to the habitat structure: submerged vegetation cover, submerged vegetation density, water depth and substrate composition. The temporal variations in fish density, standing stock and size frequency distributions of these species can largely be attributed to the seasonality of their breeding and juvenile recruitment periods. Moreover, habitat associations for these species were similar to those obtained in other Mediterranean and Atlantic coastal Lagoons." (jacket)

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