Ayurvedic Pharmacology and Therapeutic Uses of Medicinal Plants (Dravyagunavignyan)

Vaidya V.M. Gogte, Chaukhambha Pub, 2009, The Mohandas Indological Series 26, Reprint, xxii, 842 p, 328 illus, ISBN : 8189798505, $75.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Ayurvedic Pharmacology and Therapeutic Uses of Medicinal Plants (Dravyagunavignyan)/Vaidya V.M. Gogte

Contents: Introduction. Preface. I. Basic principles of Dravyagunavignyan: 1. Introduction to Dravyagunavignyan. 2. The characteristics of Dravyagunashastra. 3. Classification of Dravyas. 4. The gunas. 5. The rasas. 6. Vipak. 7. Veerya. 8. Prabhav. 9. Inter-relationships of rasa, guna, veerya, vipak and prabhav. 10. Karma. 11. Morphology and properties. 12. Nomenclature and synonyms of dravyas. 13. Various impurities in dravyas. 14. Therapeutic considerations. 15. Brief history of Dravyagunashastra. II. Medicinal plants. III. Medicinal plants (contd.). IV. Dravyas of animal origin. V. Dravyas of animal origin. (contd.). Appendices: 1. Glossary : Ayurvedic terminology. 2. Medicinal plants and indications. 3. Index of Sanskrit names of plants. 4. Index of botanical names of plants. 5. List of regional names of plants. 6. Index of common formulations. 7. Recommended reading. 8. Websites of interest.
"This book contains the fundamentals of Ayurvedic Pharmacology and properties and uses of medicinal plants. The first part of this volume, in 284 pages, deals lucidly with the basic principles and concepts of Ayurveda and Dravyagunavignyan. The remaining parts comprise of details and sketches of 368 medicinal plants along with their names, habitat, botanical description, chemical constituents, Ayurvedic properties, pharmacology, formulations, dosages, medications etc.  

The present volume by Vaidya V.M. Gogte is a timely reminder to all pharmacologist and physicians that the men of renaissance lead us to intelligent correlation between ancient intuitive insights and modern discoveries of science. All the scientists, physicians, vaidyas and students interested in "Green Medicine" will find a great friend, philosopher and guide in the form of this textbook for data-mining for new remedies and new uses. Many golden nuggets await the industrious, persistent and seeking minds." (jacket)

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