Mushroom Production and Processing Technology

V.N. Pathak, Nagendra Yadav and Maneesha Gaur, Agrobios, 2011, Reprint, x, 180 p, 30 figs, tables, ISBN : 8177540068, $25.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Mushroom Production and Processing Technology/V.N. Pathak, Nagendra Yadav and Maneesha GaurContents: Introduction. 1. Importance of mushrooms. 2. Brief history of mushroom cultivation. 3. Steps in mushroom growing. I. The mushroom biology: 1. Life cycle of mushrooms. 2. Identification of mushrooms. 3. Edible and poisonous mushrooms. 4. Mushroom genetics and breeding. 5. Mushroom growth and environment. II. Spawn and spawning: 1. Spawn production. III. White button mushroom (Agaricus Bisporus): 1. Compost preparation. 2. Spawning. 3. Crop management after spawning. 4. Casing. 5. Post-composting supplementation. 6. Management after spawn-run. IV. Button or field mushroom: 1. Production technology. V. Oyster mushroom: 1. Materials and substrates. 2. Sterilization/pasteurzation. 3. Inoculation/spawning. 4. Incubation. 5. Fruiting. 6. Mushroom house design for pleurotus production. VI. Straw mushroom: 1. Composting the substrate. 2. Substrate preparation and spawning. VII. Shiitake mushroom: 1. Cultivation on supplemented sawdust. VIII. White milky mushroom and other species: 1. Cultivation. 2. Other species of mushrooms. 3. Silver ear mushroom or white jelly fungus. 4. Truffles. 5. Wood ear mushroom/black mushroom. IX. Major pests, diseases and contaminants: 1. Prevention and control measures. 2. Common fungal contaminants of substrates. 3. Insect pests. 4. Mite pests. 5. Nematodes. 6. Important diseases of white button mushroom. 7. Abiotic disorders. 8. Important diseases of oyster mushroom. 9. Important diseases of straw mushrooms. X. Preservation and processing: 1. Short term storage. 2. Long-term storage. XI. Common problems: 1. Media preparation or culture. 2. Preparation of the mother spawn. 3. Preparation of the mother spawn. 4. Preparation of planting spawn. 5. Outdoor bed technology for Volvariella Sp. 6. Sawdust technology. XII. Ancillary information: 1. Important literature of mushrooms. 2. Training facilities in India. 3. Consultancy services. 4. Sources of mushroom cultures. 5. Sources of mushroom spawn. 6. Sources of machinery/equipments. 7. Producers of button and oyster mushrooms. 8. Mushroom exporters.
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