Herbal Wealth of 'Greater Bihar' : Ancient Knowledge and Database Appraisal

K.K. Bhutani, NIPER, 2009, xiv, 368 p, 240 col. figs, tables, $80.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Herbal Wealth of 'Greater Bihar' : Ancient Knowledge and Database Appraisal/K.K. Bhutani

Contents: 1. Title. 2. Dedication. 3. Foreword. 4. Preface. 5. Introduction: i. Backdrop of the present study. ii. Kaligyan. iii. The greater Bihar. iv. Topography. v. Geography. vi. Climate. vii. Tribes of greater Bihar. viii. Natural resources of Greater Bihar: a. Mineral ores. b. Forests. ix. Ethnicity and religion. x. Methodology: a. Ethnomedicine data collection. b. List of universities/institutes visited for literature survey. c. List of journals screened for literature survey. 6. Database of medicinal plants and folkloric claims. 7. Appraisal of database: i. Traditional medicine systems of the world. ii. Kaligyan. iii. Research from traditional medicines: Ancient knowledge. iv. New aspects of drug discovery from traditional medicines: a. Medical pluralism. b. Contemporary knowledge. v. Concluding remarks. Glossary. References. Contributing team. Index. Selected images.

From the Preface: "The book has been presented into three major sections viz. Introduction covering agroclimatic conditions, Ethnicity religion and culture, Ancient knowledge-Kaligyan and methodology, Database of medicinal plants including the parts used in treatment of the ailments alongwith references and appraisal of the database providing prioritization of the plants of both ancient and contemporary knowledge bases that can be used for drug discovery purposes. Selected images of tribes, medicinal plants commonly used and found in wild and plant ingredients mentioned in "Kaligyan" have been provided as different photo-galleries. The publication is expected to be a ready reckoner for students, teachers, practitioners of indigenous Indian systems of medicines, herbal drug industry, academicians as well as administrators of healthcare systems. The researchers and historians working in various disciplines can benefit from the materials provided in this book."

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