Design of Steel Structures by Limit State Method as Per IS 800-2007

S.S. Bhavikatti, I.K. International, 2017, pbk, Fifth Edition, xii, 402 p, ISBN : 9789380026619, $30.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Design of Steel Structures by Limit State Method as Per IS 800-2007/S.S. Bhavikatti

Contents: Preface. Acknowledgements. 1. Introduction. 2. Principles of limit state design. 3. Bolted connections. 4. Welded connections. 5. Design of tension members. 6. Design of compression members. 7. Design of beams. 8. Design of bolted beam connections. 9. Design of welded beam connections. 10. Design of plate girders. 11. Design of gantry girders. 12. Design of roof trusses. Appendix. Index.

"So far working stress method was used for the design of steel structures. Nowadays whole world is going for the limit state method which is more rational. Indian national code IS:800 for the design of steel structures was revised in the year 2007 incorporating limit state method. This book is aimed at training the students in using IS:800-2007 for designing steel structures by limit state method. The author has explained the provisions of code in simple language and illustrated the design procedure with a large number of problems. It is hoped that all universities will soon adopt design of steel structures as per IS: 2007 and this book will serve as a good textbook.

A sincere effort has been made to present design procedure using simple language, neat sketches and solved problems."

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