Benedict Spinoza : An Appreciation

Chitta Ranjan Das, Shipra, 2009, xx, 160 p, ISBN : 8175414723, $28.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Benedict Spinoza : An Appreciation/Chitta Ranjan Das

Contents: Foreword. Preface. 1. Introduction. 2. Spinoza: stated and restated. 3. Spinoza through the ages. 4. Spinoza reconsidered. 5. The man and his philosophy. 6. The eternal Spinoza.

"Spinoza is an unacknowledged father of modern man who traversed many difficult paths of questioning and  creativity. He challenged us to go beyond dogma and despair. There is a world-wide revival of Spinoza now as our friend and fellow traveler as we are searching for new ways of self, social and planetary renewal. Benedict Spinoza: An Appreciation by Chitta Ranjan Das who, like Spinoza, is a meditative thinker and experimenter, is an outstanding contribution to our contemporary dialogue with Spinoza and search for a new humane future. It presents a lucid exposition of Spinoza's philosophy as well as his exemplary life. It also discusses Spinoza's work along with philosophers and sages in both western and eastern traditions. The book is a remarkable example of creative philosophical engagement embodying pearls of wisdom and invitations for transformative action. It will be of interest to students of philosophy, literature, social sciences and all seeking souls all around the world." (jacket)

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