Concept of Dharma - Corpus Juris of Law and Morality : A Comparative Study of Legal Cosmology

K.L. Bhatia, Deep and Deep, 2010, xx, 192 p, ISBN : 8184502619, $45.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Concept of Dharma - Corpus Juris of Law and Morality : A Comparative Study of Legal Cosmology/K.L. Bhatia

Contents: Foreword. Preface. I. Introduction. II. Festschrift of the distinguishing ideas of natural law: 1. Ancient idea of natural law: antiquity idea of innate. 2. Medieval period and through the renaissance. 3. The fall and decline of natural law: legal positivism and non-cognitivism in ethics. 4. Revivalism and modernization of natural law--renewed renaissance and enlightenment. 5. Natural law: re-examined De Novo. 6. Law and morality -- new perspectives. 7. Quintessence of the quicksand of law and morality: a remaking for rehabilitation of natural law or law and morality. III. Prudentia Juris of Dharma: 1. Dharma and the concept of law (Vidhi) and punishment (Danda). 2. Dharma and the concept of state: sovereignty, Rajdharma, Rajayadharma, Rajasasana, Rajyasastra: good/sustainable governance/management. 3. Dharma and the concept of person/man/human being. 4. Dharma and the concept of human dignity. 5. Dharma and the concept of justice--social, political, economic, distributive or access to justice. 6. Dharma and the concept of information and knowledge: a roadmap for good/sustainable governance/management--accountability and transparency. 7. Dharma and the concept of democracy, polity and synergetic comity. 8. Dharma and the concept of logic and reasoning--practicality and heuristic. Conclusion. Bibliography. Index.

"Dharma is ubiquitous in Indian Vedic/Indic/Hindu philosophy. Dharma is "law" or "moral law", or "law and morality", or "natural law" by acceptance--jus receptum--which is believed to have been ordained by Divine author; it is not a law as we understand it today.

We have so far believed the truth in the lie that the Western legal thought the only saviour for Indian legal perception forgetting that those western scholars have had conceived their legal concepts as per their own systems requirement. Our Vedic/Indic/Sastric ideas are hidden treasures of legal knowledge and provide deep as well as ample insights in a perfectly clear manner to unfold it and develop Indian legal theory on the legal cosmology for the futurology of legal concept conscientiously, obediently as a duty and an obligation." (jacket)

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