Entrepreneurship in Livestock and Agriculture

Edited by M.C. Sharma, Rupasi Tiwari and J.P. Sharma, CBS Pub, 2010, pbk, xvi, 484 p, tables, figs, ISBN : 8123917740, $35.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Entrepreneurship in Livestock and Agriculture/edited by M.C. Sharma, Rupasi Tiwari and J.P. Sharma

Contents: Foreword. Preface. Contributors. 1. Entrepreneurial need and inculcation. 2. Basics of entrepreneurship for livestock-based enterprises. 3. Career opportunities for veterinary graduates. 4. Avenues of entrepreneurship in public and private sector. 5. Development of enterprise in livestock sector. 6. Need for entrepreneurship in agriculture sector. 7. Entrepreneurship development in agriculture and horticulture. 8. Strategies for entrepreneurship: poultry farming. 9. Piggery enterprise: a case study. 10. Entrepreneurship development: a success story of Hiware Bazaar Village of Maharashtra. 11. Sources and utilization of specialty hair fibres of livestock. 12. Entrepreneurship development through vermi-composting. 13. Agriclinics and agribusiness centres for promoting agripreneurship. 14. Gender role in animal husbandry enterprises. 15. Women empowerment: systems and their effect on development of women entrepreneurship. 16. Entrepreneurship through Self-Help Groups of women in livestock sector. 17. Women empowerment and entrepreneurship development through Self-Help Groups. 18. Business acumen and business communication for establishing livestock enterprise. 19. Economics of disease management for entrepreneurs. 20. Economic appraisal of animal disease control: strategies in livestock entrepreneurship development. 21. Role of banks for development of agriculture and livestock sector. 22. Insurance schemes for livestock sector. 23. Financial credit and financial management. 24. Managing finance in livestock sector. 25. Latest issues of WTO in agriculture and livestock sector. 26. Indian negotiations on WTO Agreement and livestock sector. 27. Creating and sustaining organizational culture: a dynamic perspective. 28. Micro-credit facility for women: the benign paradox. 29. Quality control, grading of meat and meat animals for entrepreneurship. 30. Expectations from veterinary professional. 31. Eco-jobs and sustainable development through livestock. 32. Role of animal husbandry for livelihood security to Indian farming community. 33. Project planning. 34. Need for literature for entrepreneurship development. 35. Role of Information Technology (IT) in entrepreneurship development in livestock sector. 36. Role of Information Technology (IT) in entrepreneurship development in agriculture. 37. Role of IT in micro-entrepreneurship in relation to livestock sector. 38. Interpersonal skills for establishing an enterprise. Index.

"Provides comprehensive information on the basics of entrepreneurship, related concepts, communication acumen, interpersonal communication strategies, agribusiness ventures, WTO and IPR issues, banking and insurance facilities and various other aspects related to the promotion of livestock enterprises, especially in the rural areas. Based on the syllabus of newly formulated course for students of veterinary and agriculture sciences, it aims to serve as a textbook to the students and as a handbook to the professionals in the field of livestock and agriculture sciences, motivating them to set up their own economically viable enterprises, reducing the burden on the government as well. The book is also relevant for the policy planners, executors at field level, researchers, academicians and students, and entrepreneurs to provide them fresh thought on the avenues in the present era of shrinking landholding and increasing unemployment in rural areas and agribusiness and micro enterprise promotion."

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