A Muslim View of Christianity : Essays on Dialogue by Mahmoud Ayoub

Edited by Irfan A. Omar, Logos Press, 2010, xx, 264 p, $33.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Muslim View of Christianity : Essays on Dialogue by Mahmoud Ayoub/Edited by Irfan A. Omar

Contents: Preface. Note on transliteration and style. Biography of Mahmoud Mustafa Ayoub. Introduction. I. The need for dialogue : setting the context: 1. The need for harmony and collaboration between Muslims and Christians. 2. The Islamic context of Muslim-Christian relations. 3. Islam and Christianity : between tolerance and acceptance. 4. Roots of Muslim-Christian conflict. 5. Christian-Muslim dialogue : goals and obstacles. II. Critical theological and juridical issues : a comparative perspective: 6. A Muslim appreciation of Christian holiness. 7. Martyrdom in Christianity and Islam. 8. The idea of redemption in Christianity and Islam. 9. Dhimmah in the Qur'an and Hadith. III. Christological issues : Muslim perspectives: 10. The miracle of Jesus : Muslim reflections on the divine word. 11. Jesus the son of God : a study of the terms Ibn and Walad in the Qur'an and Tafsir tradition. 12. Toward an Islamic Christology I : an image of Jesus in early Shi'i Muslim literature. 13. Toward an Islamic Christology II : the death of Jesus, reality or delusion--a study of the death of Jesus in Gafsir literature. IV. Muslim-Christian dialogue in the modern world : comparative studies: 14. Nearest in Amity : Christians in the Qur'an and contemporary exegetical tradition. 15. Muslim views of Christianity : some modern examples. 16. Pope John Paul II on Islam. Selected bibliography of the works of Mahmoud Ayoub. Glossary. Index.

"The major collection of essays begins with a brief biography of the well known Muslim scholar Mahmoud Ayoub and a substantial introduction by Ayoub to his study of Christianity and Muslim-Christian dialogue. A glossary and bibliography of Ayoub's significant publications are included." (jacket)

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