The Ganga : A Scientific Study

Edited by C.R. Krishna Murti, K.S. Bilgrami, T.M. Das and R.P. Mathur, Northern Book Centre, 1991, xxvi, 246 p, tables, figs, 8 plates, ISBN : 9788172110215, $46.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

The Ganga : A Scientific Study/edited by C.R. Krishna Murti, K.S. Bilgrami, T.M. Das and R.P. Mathur

Contents: Preface. 1. Genesis of the integrated university research programme on the Ganga/C.R. Krishna Murti. 2. Some physical features of the Ganga basin/C.R. Krishna Murti. 3. Rivers and their environmental significance/C.R. Krishna Murti. 4. Stretches of the Ganga covered in the study/R.P. Mathur. 5. Sampling stations for water quality monitoring/R.P. Mathur. 6. Trend of physico-chemical characteristics of the Ganga water/R.P. Mathur. 7. Mathematical modelling of water quality/Himanshu Joshi and R.P. Mathur. 8. Instrumentation for pollution monitoring of Hugli estuary/P. Som. 9. Establishment of a Ganga Research Station in the campus of Banaras Hindu University/U.K. Choudhary. 10. Biological profile of the Ganga: phytoplankton/S. Sreenivasaprasad.

11. Biological profile of the Ganga : fungi/K.S. Bilgrami. 12. Biological profile of the Ganga : bacteria and bacteriophages/K.S. Bilgrami. 13. The pathogenic bacteria in the Ganga water collected from twelve sampling points in Varanasi/I.C. Tiwari and P.C. Sen. 14. Microbial population and bacteriophage activity in the Ganga water: an exploratory study/M. Sen. 15. Biological profile of the Ganga: zooplankton, fish, birds and other minor fauna/K.S. Bilgrami. 16. Possible food-chain operative in the Ganga/K.S. Bilgrami. 17. Impact of flood on productivity of diara land and vegetation/K.S. Bilgrami. 18. Biomonitoring of water quality of the Ganga/K.S. Bilgrami. 19. Macrophytic, marginal and riparian vegetation of the Ganga/K.S. Bilgrami. 20. Integrated study of the Ganga ecosystem between Narora and Kannauj (U.P.)/A.M. Siddiqi.

21. River Ganga in the stretch between Kalakankar (Pratapgarh) and Phaphamau (Allahabad) : a comprehensive study/A.K. Sinha. 22. Physico - chemical studies of the Ganga water at Kanpur (Kannauj to Shuklaganj sector)/U.K. Pandey. 23. Biological studies of the Ganga ecosystem between Kannauj and Shuklaganj/A.C. Shukla. 24. An overview of the hydrobiological features of the Ganga in the stretch Mirzapur to Ballia/B.D. Tripathi. 25. Community structure, biomass production and energy aspects of aquatic macrophytes and soil, water and nutrient conservation of the Ganga/R.S. Ambasht. 26. Environmental impact of irrigation by canals in Mirzapur - Ballia stretch of the Ganga/R.C. Tiwari. 27. Assessment of pollution load on the Ganga in the stretch Bally to Bandel/N.C. Datta. 28. Some aspects of the biogeography of the Ganga/T.M. Das. 29. Socio-economic study of the stretch from Bally to Bandel/K.G. Bagchi and T.M. Das. 30. Socio-economic study of the Ganga from Rishikesh to Garhmukteshwar/T.M. Das. 31. Environmental awareness of the problems related to the Ganga/T.M. Das. 32. The scientific study of the Ganga : perspectives/C.R. Krishna Murti. Annexures: 1. Constitution of the working group for coordinated research projects in the Ganga basin. 2. Plan of action of the working group on the Ganga basin. 3. Working group for co-ordinated research projects in the Ganga basin. 4. Brief background note on the Ganga basin prepared by the Central Board for Prevention and Control of Water Pollution. 5. A note on standard methodology for analysis of water samples of the Ganga. 6. Reconstitution of the working group on integrated action oriented research on the river Ganga. 7. Institutions which participated in the study.

"For the first time a picture of the Ganga is available with its physico-chemical and biological characteristics, the severe pollution stress and causes to which its water is subjected to, the contents and quality of water and possible remedial measures. An account of algae including pollution sensitive and tolerant species, besides bio-indicators is available. A possible modelling exercise has also been included. A microbiological assay and the bacteria present in the river water is also given." (jacket)

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