Accounting Standards

Ashok K Nadhani, Taxmann, 2009, ISBN : 9788171945092, $17.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Accounting Standards/Ashok K NadhaniContents: 1. Conceptual Framework. 2.Accounting Standards. 3. Disclosure Of Accounting Policies. 3. Valuation Of Inventory. 4. Cash Flow Statement. 5. Contingency And Events Occurring After Balance Sheet Date. 6. Net Profit Or Loss The Prior Period Items And Changes In Accounting Policies. 7. Depreciation Accounting. 8. Construction Contracts. 9.Revenue Recognition. 10. Accounting For Fixed Assets. 11.Changes In Foreign Exchange Rates. 12. Accounting For Government Grants. 13. Accounting For Investments. 14. Accounting For Amalgamations. 15. Borrowing Costs. 16. Accounting For Leases. 17. Earning Per Share. 18. Intangible Assets. 19. Provisions, Contingent Liabilities And Contingent Assets.
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