Glory That was Harappan Civilization

Sanjib Kumar Singh, Nayan Ananda Chakraborty and Sangeeta (Roy) Chakraborty, Abhishek Prakashan, 2010, xviii, 150 p, maps, figs, plates, ISBN : 8183900607, $75.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Glory That was Harappan Civilization/Sanjib Kumar Singh, Nayan Ananda Chakraborty and Sangeeta (Roy) Chakraborty 

Contents: Foreword. Preface. Introduction. 1. Formative stage and evolution. 2. Early Harappa. 3. Mature Harappa. 4. Town planning and architecture. 5. Pottery. 6. Metallurgical activities. 7. Art traditions. 8. Jewellery and ornaments. 9. Social structure. 10. Agriculture and economy. 11. Religious practices. 12. Seal, sealing and script. 13. Trade and commerce. 14. Burial practice.  15. Decline and aftermath. 16. Late/Degenerated Harappa. 17. Chronology and dating. 18. Geo-coordinates of the Harappan sites. Bibliography.

"'Glory That was Harappan Civilization' is indeed, a complete book based on recent informations and perspectives of the great Harappan / Indus civilization. This is the first of its kind to provide in short a complete picture on the birth, rise and fall of the Harappan Civilization together with its pertinent features for the students, and to those who want to make an acquaintance with the archaeology of this sub-continent. Till date, the study on the Harappan Civilization was only confined to the erudite society, this publication has taken them into the door step of every individuals. This book will be the feast of eye for people from different walk of life." 

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