Process Control : Principles and Applications

Surekha Bhanot, Oxford University Press, 2008, pbk, 464 p, ISBN : 0195693348, $30.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Process Control : Principles and Applications/Surekha Bhanot

Contents: 1. Introduction to Process Control. 2. Process Dynamics and Mathematical Modelling. 3. Theory of Controllers. 4. Closed-loop Response. 5. Hydraulic and Pneumatic Controllers. 6. Electronic Controllers. 7. Direct Digital Control. 8. Control Valves. 9. P&I Diagram. 10. Cascade, Feedforward, and Ratio Control. 11. Selective and Adaptive Control System. 12. Multiloop Interactions. 13. Programmable Logic Controllers. 14. DCS and SCADA System. 15. Intelligent Control and Artificial Intelligence. 16. Expert Systems. 17. Artificial Neural Network. 18. Fuzzy Logic. 

"Process Control--Principles and Applications is specifically designed to serve as a basic text for undergraduate and postgraduate students of instrumentation engineering. It provides a thorough understanding of the basic principles and techniques used in analysis and design of process control.

Beginning with the basic concepts of process dynamics and mathematical modelling, the book gives an exhaustive coverage of theory of controllers, types of controllers, control valves, complex control systems, multiloop interactions, and computer-based control. It includes advanced topics such as PLC, distributed control, and SCADA. It also covers AI techniques such as expert systems, neural networks, and fuzzy logic. Owing to its lucid style and presentation of advanced topics, the book will be equally useful to practising engineers, besides undergraduate and postgraduate students."

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