52 Ways To Motivate Your Staff

Trish Nicholson , Jaico, 224 p, ISBN : 9788179927960, $15.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

52 Ways To Motivate Your Staff

"In this book, practical hints on how we learn, communicate and relate to each other are applied to routine management techniques such as delegation, project working, career planning and time control. The ideas are very practical and can be applied to develop yourself and those who report to you while carrying out your everyday task objectives.

The book shows how leadership can be spotted and developed early on, how hidden talents can be discovered to enrich your team, how demotivated managers can be re-motivated and how the limitations of rigid job descriptions and formal appraisal schemes can be overcome. It is an excellent ‘dipping-into’ book as well as a comprehensive guide book, with a series of 52 self-contained topics of great currency and relevance to managers and staff alike."

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