A Life of Passion : Story of a Sapper

T.B. Nanda, Pentagon, 2010, Reprint. First published in 2008, 210 p, ISBN : 8182744646, $28.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Life of Passion : Story of a Sapper

Contents: Preface. 1. Our ancestors-1823 onwards. 2. Early days in Srinagar, Kashmir-1925-36. 3. Jhelum Valley road (JV Road): 1930-36. 4. The Doon School 1936-43. 5. Early innings in the service July 1943 to August 1947. 6. Ranchi--IMA--Roorkee and UK 1947-49. 7. Tenure in transportation and Defence services staff college-1949-55. 8. 11 Infantry brigade-1956-59. 9. Tenure with the MES-1960-62. 10. Commander Engineers 4 infantry/mountain division 1962 (Chinese invasion). 11. Military advisor in Malaya/Malaysia and Singapore 1964-68. 12. Chief Engineer-XI corps-1968-70. 13. National Defence College and director of works AHQ 1970-May 1972. 14. Chief engineer northern Command 1972-74. 15. Tenure as chief Engineer eastern command Sep. 1974- Sep 1975. 16. Director general of works (DGW) 1975-79. 17. MGO's branch Army HQ 1980-83. 18. Close to retirement and post-retirement 1983. 19. Our family--1953 onwards. Appendices. Index.

"This book is published following certain articles and incidents which the author had penned down, from time to time and sent to the College of Military Engineering Pune and Bengal Sappers. The author's family members suggested that in view of the very versatile and varied experience in service spanning 40 years, it would be appropriate for the author to write a short book containing snippets not only of the days the author spent in army service but also the period prior to and after his service. An attempt has therefore been made to highlight the Sapper's story from the early days prior to service to the period after retirement based purely on memory and the narrations within quotes may not be wholly accurate word for word but the gist is.

The most remarkable feature of this book is that the author has written the entire text from memory,  narrating incidents and events traversing countries, languages, cultures, generations and milestones in his life with poignancy and humour covering a period of seventy years. Through all these years the author did not maintain a dairy recording the events narrated in this book.

The autobiography is very fascinating and readable with emphadia on the exposure the author had both in India and overseas during his service." (jacket)

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