Birds and Butterflies Of Delhi : A Field Guide

Mehran Zaidi, Tata Press, An Imprint of India Research Press , 2010, pbk, xxii, 241 p, 115 col. Ills, ISBN : 9788183860550, $20.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Birds and Butterflies Of Delhi : A Field Guide

"Watching birds and butterflies can be a very enjoyable hobby. Though, there is no age to bird watching, it is best to start early. A child like inquisitiveness will teach you the difference between an Ashy Prinia and the Jungle Prinia, difference between the call of the Rock Bush Quail and the Jungle Bush Quail, and the subtle Plumage difference between the Tawny Eagle and the Greater Spotted Eagle.

Birds and butterflies are good indicators of the quality of our environment - the more of them seen in our everyday lives means that the environment is still good, the air breathable, trees and shrubs are surviving, there are still open spaces and the wetlands are still not too polluted.

The world over one of the parameters of the quality of life is the diversity of birds found around a house, a village or town.

The young ornithology enthusiast Mehran's new book Birds and Butterflies of Delhi is a landmark to his dedication to a cleaner environment and the not-so-popular hobby of bird watching in Delhi."

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