A Study of Ombudsman System in India with Special Reference to Lokayukta in Maharashtra

Preeti Dilip Pohekar, Gyan Publishing House, 2010, 262 p, ISBN : 9788121210553, $22.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Study of Ombudsman System in India with Special Reference to Lokayukta in Maharashtra

Contents: Foreword. Preface. 1. Ombudsman: origin, meaning and development. 2. Lokpal in India. 3. Lokayukta as it is functioning in Maharashtra. 4. Report of the field work. 5. Conclusion. Appendices: i. List of Member of IOI. ii. Some abbreviations. Bibliography. Index.

"The meaning of public services will be realized only when the integrity in public services are to be maintained. The problem of corruption in the developing countries retards the development of nations and more efforts are being taken nowadays by the Governments to remove corruption.

This introductory book examines Lokayukta in Maharashtra at its micro level as well as ombudsman system in India at centre as well as in Indian states at macro level. This research report based book touches many disciplines such as public administration, political science, sociology, law and somewhere economics and psychology also. The book earnestly and neatly studies the institution of ombudsman and reviewed worldwide ombudsmanic system. It concentrated the institutional remedies and their failure in remaining corruption.

It keenly and gradually comes to the utility of Lokayukta in Maharashtra with an introduction of ombudsmanic (Lokayuktaean) States in India. It presents the penetrating observations on banking Ombudsman and insurance ombudsman in India.

Basically, Maharashtra is the pioneer of Lokayukta system in India and yet there are many lacuneas and drawbacks in the machinery in Maharashtra itself.

This research material will be a collection of authentic information on the related issues, such as corruption, maladministration, etc. No doubt, it is a significant measure of ombudsman system in Government and private sector in European, African, Australian and of course, Scandinavian and Nordic countries. It is useful for future generation of students and scholars."

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