Agent Alfie : Sorted

Justin Richards, HarperCollins, Paperback, 112 p, ISBN : 9780007273584, $0.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Agent Alfie : Sorted

"Alfie and his friends are preparing for their SATS exams – because everyone knows that if you don’t have your Special Agent Training Standards you can’t go on to do your GCSEs. And if you didn’t have your General Cerftificate in Surveillance and Espionage then where would you be?

The thing is, SATS are hard enough as it is. But when the test papers go missing in the post and are replaced by competitions to win sets of matching saucepans, it just gets ridiculous! Can Alfie and his friends solve the mystery of the missing post? One thing’s for sure: SPUD just have to be behind it, somehow…"

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