Ambedkar on Indian History

Ajay Ravidas, ABD , 2010, viii, 328 p, ISBN : 8183762557, $50.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Ambedkar on Indian History

Contents:  Preface. 1. Ambedkar notes on history of India. 2. Ambedkar comments on literature of Brahmanism. 3. Ancient India on exhumation. Bibliography. Index.

"Much of the ancient history of India is no history at all. Not that ancient India has no history. It has plenty of it. But it has lost its character. It has been made mythology to amuse women and children. This seems to have been done deliberately by the Brahminical writers. Take the word Deva. What does it mean? Is the word Jana Vishesh representing a member of the human family? It is made to appear superhuman agency. By this the pith of history contained in it is squeezed out. Along with the word Deva occur the names of Yaksha, Gana, Gandharva, Kinnars. Who were they? The impression one gets on reading the Mahabharata and Ramayana is that they are imaginary beings who filled the horizon but did not exist. As this book is mainly based on the views of Dr. Ambedkar, it contains numerous controversial matters throwing fresh light into the depth of the past history." (jacket)

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