A Textbook of Objective Sociology

Vibha Desai, Wisdom Press, 2011, viii, 234 p, ISBN : 9380199290, $47.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Textbook of Objective Sociology

Contents: Preface. Introduction: 1. What is sociology? 2. Scope of sociology. 3. Branches of sociology. 4. Importance of sociology. 5. Some fundamental concepts. 6. Society. 7. Community. 8. Association. 9. Institution. 10. Organisation. 11. Social structure. 12. Social system. Objective questions. Answers. Bibliography.

"The present publication provides a detailed introduction to the subject of sociology prior to its comprehensive coverage of all the important questions related to the topics in the syllabi of several universities, colleges and competitive exams. It is structured to cover every aspect of the subject by providing an up-to-date objective type questions with answers and it features a systematic approach to the questions. Options given in place of answers have been picked up to test the student's mettle and clarity of comprehension, retention and recall. The book prompts the student to practice and review the gap areas in his learning process." (jacket)

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