Rural Credit, Regional Rural Banks and Micro-Finance

Tanuj Kumar Bisoyi, Abhijeet, 2010, xx, 180 p, tables, ISBN : 9380031576, $32.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Rural Credit, Regional Rural Banks and Micro-Finance

Contents: Acknowledgements. Prefatory introduction. 1. Micro credit initiatives for women empowerment: an analysis/Aditya Kumar Patra. 2. Role of RRBs for the development of women through SHGs/Upendra Kumar Pathi. 3. Role of RRBs for economic development of women through SHGs/Binod Kumar Dash. 4. Micro finance through self help groups: a boost for rural women/Krishna Chandra Pradhan and Prakash Chandra Panigrahy. 5. Self-help, micro finance and gender justice/Subhra Tripathy. 6. Micro-credit empowerment of women through self-help groups/Harapriya Patnaik. 7. Role of regional rural banks for economic development of women through SHG finance in India/Prabeen Kumar Padhy and Rabi Narayan Panda. 8. Regional rural banks and self help groups: harbingers of development/B. Eswar Rao Patnaik and Rajesh Pashu Palak. 9. Self-help groups in Orissa: case studies/Bishnu Narayana Sethi. 10. SHG-bank linkage in Orissa/A. Jitesh Rao Dora. 11. Regional rural banks and agriculture developments: a scenario of the districts of Ganjam and Gajpati/Premanand Pradhan. 12. Role of regional rural banks in the current scenario/Ajit Kumar Gosh. 13. RRBs for credit mobilization in districts of Ganjam and Gajapati (Orissa)/Umesh Chandra Panigrahy. 14. Micro finance and bank linkage: a brief Indian scenario/Mihir Kumar Satapathy. 15. Microfinance through RGB: a mission for women empowerment/Tanuj Kumar Bisoyi. 16. Institutional credit to agriculture, poverty households and micro finance/S.N. Tripathy. Index.

"The present work contains important research write-ups contributed by eminent researchers and professionals relating to the role of RRBs for economic development of women. Based upon both primary and secondary sources of data, the series of papers focused on the role of micro finance for economic development of women, especially in ameliorating the socio-economic backwardness. It is hoped that the book will be immensely useful in guiding the policy makers, planners, demographers, administrators and researchers at large in formulating policy paradigms in India." (jacket)

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